Discover your future and keep ahead of a changing world. 

With more than 100 different programs of study, and dozens of agreements with graduate programs across the area and the country, St. Thomas Aquinas College offers a variety of paths to your degree -- and then to the career or grad school that will shape your future and lead you to success.


We have majors ranging from Accounting and Actuarial Science to Sports Management and Visual Communication and Design, and minors from Art Therapy to Writing.  This means you can create a major and minor combination that fits you perfectly.

Affiliations with Graduate Schools
Let us help with the transition to grad school.  For example, you can major in Psychology and begin taking courses at NYU's School of Social Work in your senior year (while paying our tuition by the way), or you can begin any of the dozens of graduate programs we have affilations with that lead to the same great plan -- two degrees in less time and for less money!

Outside-of-class opportunities
Learning happens in many places, sometimes it is in a classroom in traditional ways, but it can also happen on guided trips to prisons and crime labs for Criminal Justice majors, to Wall Street for Finance and Business majors, or to local classrooms for Education majors.  We can also get you set up with internships in every major we offer, in all programs of studies -- at CNBC, WCBS, the FBI, the NYSE and many, many more.

Cooperative work/learn programs
Finance major? We can get you a paid job at a local bank for a semester and give you academic credit toward your degree at the same time.  Or, no matter what your major, spend a semester working (for pay) at Walt Disney World in Florida, earn internship credits, and take two classes at Disney's famous Education Connection.