• Apply Now: SUEZ Leadership Institute

    The SUEZ Leadership Institute for Environmental Studies at St. Thomas Aquinas College is a pre-college camp intended for students who will be High School Seniors and College Freshmen in the Fall of 2017. The promotes awareness of global environmental issues, and provides students an understanding of how local environmental issues reflect greater environmental challenges. Apply Now.

School of Arts & Sciences

Sapere Aude! In Latin, it means, “Dare to know!” — and the St. Thomas Aquinas School of Arts and Sciences will challenge you to do just that.

The liberal arts and sciences will make you a stronger, more analytical thinker ready for careers in fields as far ranging as law, medicine, criminal justice, and teaching. They also prepare you to be an engaged, informed citizen able to make a real difference in your community, your country, and the world.

At St. Thomas Aquinas, you can work with world-class faculty on research, present at national conferences, build houses in third-world countries, or star in our sold-out musicals. You might even work on real-life forensic investigations, intern at NBC Nightly News, or work with children in local hospitals.

When you “dare to know,” the rewards can be amazing. Visit our Academic Programs page to explore our offerings.