Academic Programs

Thank you for your interest in the School of Business at St. Thomas Aquinas College. If current trends continue you will experience a variety of different careers in diverse areas over your lifetime. What a great opportunity for you! Our Faculty will work with you to take advantage of these opportunities by developing your general and professional skills as an Accounting, Finance, ManagementMarketing, or Sport Management major. Your studies in the School of Business will help prepare you for these opportunities not only in the business world, but in a variety of other professions or as preparation for graduate school.
Ethics, Communication Skills, Experiential Leaning, and Study Beyond opportunities are the foundation cornerstones for students in the School of Business. These cornerstones allow students to integrate social responsibility, effective communication, and application of their formal education to practical problems across all academic disciplines. You also have the option to study international business, management information systems, economics, human resource management, or marketing as part of a minor or specialization. If you’re considering a career in accounting, we have a registered 150 credit Bachelor of Science in Accounting/ Master of Business Administration degree program that allows you to complete the MBA and qualifies you to sit for the New York State Certified Public Accountants Examination.

We can also customize your major to take advantage of our Master of Business Administration degree with concentrations in Finance, Management, Marketing, and a customizable general degree.