Admissions Team



Kaitlyn Healy

Regional Admissions Coordinator

Hometown: Fairlawn, NJ
College Major: Communications

Kaitlyn’s favorite vacation spot is Ireland. In fact, her father was born there, and much of her family still lives there. But she’s also a fan of tropical locations, and she’s been to 15 countries in total. When she’s not traveling abroad, she’s traveling to Long Island, Staten Island and Queens on recruiting trips. She says she enjoys meeting prospective students and introducing them to the benefits of STAC. She also enjoys hiking, kayaking and candy corn.


Kelly Hernandez, '15

Regional Admissions Coordinator

Hometown: New York, NY
College Major: Management

Here’s a fun fact: Kelly has never owned a car that wasn’t maroon. We’re not sure why. But we are sure that if our prospective students have questions, Kelly has answers. She says it’s rewarding to be a positive role model and represent STAC in Westchester County and her hometown, New York City. And for all of her hard work, Kelly rewards herself with trips around the world, trips to the salon, and trips to Citi Field to watch her beloved New York Mets.


Andrew Tartara, '13

Regional Admissions Coordinator

Hometown: Bardonia, NY
College Major: Psychology

What we’re about to say may shock you. Andrew Tartara has never eaten a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. Never. But aside from that, he’s a pretty normal guy. He travels New Jersey in search of future STAC students and says he enjoys telling them all about STAC’s welcoming community and exceptional academic programs. Back home, Andrew enjoys collecting foreign currency, fishing and cheering for England’s Liverpool Football Club. He says if he could have any superpower, he’d like to see into the future. We feel certain there’s a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich in it.


Osvaldo Vargas, '16

Admissions Counselor & Special Program Advisor

Hometown: Bronx, NY
College Major: Accounting

Osvaldo is a Boston Red Sox fan who grew up in the Bronx. We’re guessing this may have made for some interesting conversations from time to time. When he’s not rooting for his beloved Sox, swimming or listening to/making music, he’s traveling back to his hometown to speak with future STAC students and working with our students in the HEOP Program. He says he loves playing a role in STAC’s success. We say we’re happy to have him.


Mary Anne Hackett

Admissions Office Assistant

Hometown: Dumont, NJ
Mary Anne is our office prankster. She’s forever looking for someone to play tricks on, but it’s all in good fun, and her laugh is infectious. With more than a decade of experience in STAC’s admissions office, Mary Anne’s ability to connect with prospective students and families is no joke. She’s a true professional who keeps us on our toes. In her spare time, Mary Anne enjoys singing, taking walks and spending time with her family.