Athletic Training Intern

Location:  Bogota Racquet Club, Bogota, NJ
Supervisor: Trevor McPherson, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Required Hours:  minimum 40 hours over 6 weeks

Program Description:
The student will go through an intensive internship broken down into three separate facets, the first one being the education portion. The student will learn the basic foundations of how to be a fitness professional, from understanding human biomechanics, to proper exercise prescription for an athlete. The student will also be exposed to some of the highest level sports science equipment in the world of strength and conditioning. The second portion of the internship will be observation of different exercise settings, from athlete group fitness, to one-on-one private sessions, seeing the different types of training that occur in a facility. The third part of the internship will be the creative leadership role. The student will have supervised freedom to use some of the skills learned in a group setting of athletes, as well as document experience and observations for social media promotion and her own personal portfolio. 

By the end of the semester, the student will submit a summary of the experience along with recommendations for improvement. 

Application Instructions: contact Mr. Crapanzano for further instructions. This position was set up by a specific student who may continue in the position. Once it is vacated it may be available for other students.