Camp Counselor, The Gifted Child Society

Location:  Allendale, New Jersey
Supervisor: Lucas Turner, TGCS Ambassador Coordinator & Assistant Camp Director
Required Hours:  minimum 40 hours over 6 weeks

Program Description:
Camp Counselor works with campers ranging in grades from Pre-Kindergarten to 8th grade, who are considered gifted.
The camp is in Northern Highlands High School, Allendale, New Jersey, and all school facilities are available.
The counselors assist the teachers in their instruction while helping campers learn various subjects including technology, economics, design and sciences.
Campers learn valuable information in academic in the mornings and have recreation in the afternoons at a lake.  Campers and counselors interact and swim, play sports and games etc.

Throughout the six weeks, counselors get experience in a school setting while working with children.  The counselors gain knowledge and experience in classroom management.

By the end of the semester, the student will submit a summary of the experience along with recommendations for improvement. 

Application Instructions: contact Mr. Crapanzano for further instructions. This position was set up by a specific student who may continue in the position. Once it is vacated it may be available for other students.