Corporate Sales/Marketing Assistant

Location:  Palisades Credit Union Park
Supervisor: Seth Cantor, Assistant General Manager and Head of Corporate Sales
Required Hours:  minimum 40 hours (May - June)

Program Description:
The student will assist in corporate sales and marketing for the Rockland Boulder's at special events, company picnics, and games from May through June.

The student's main responsibilities will include researching target markets, collecting and organizing data, attending community events to gain new clients and increase exposure.  In addition, they will also interact with Boulder's fan base to promote the product/brand.  The student will also gain a knowledge of ticketing plans and field questions from fans, carry out sales cold calls as instructed by the supervisor, research/develop new and exciting ticket packages, and assist with the growth of season ticket package.

The student will work closely with the Director and in various other departments.  They will be an active member of the Rockland Boulders team at events/games.

This is an ideal position for a student who wishes to obtain valuable corporate sales experience, marketing experience, public relations experience, and those who are curious about marketing events through social media.

By the end of the semester, the student will submit a summary of the experience along with recommendations for improvement. 

Application Instructions: This position was set up by a specific student who may continue in the position. Once it is vacated it may be available for other students.