Alumni Association

Alumni Association membership is automatically granted to degree recipients of the College, with associate membership to students who have achieved senior-year status and who are actively pursuing the completion of a degree.

The Alumni Association works to foster and strengthen the unique bond that exists between the College and its graduates and to promote the mission, goals, and welfare of the Institution. The Alumni Association acts in an advisory capacity to assist the Office of Institutional Advancement in the achievement of the following goals:

  • To design and implement activities and programs that will further the fiscal, social, and general welfare of the College and benefit association members;

  • To keep Alumni informed of plans and developments in the areas of institutional advancement, curriculum, facilities, activities, and College leadership;

  • To encourage and help facilitate Alumni support of The Heritage Fund (the College’s annual giving program) and other fundraising programs and initiatives of the College;

  • To provide advice and assistance in the areas of student recruitment, retention, mentoring, job placement assistance, and career advisement;

  • To foster a relationship with undergraduate and graduate students so that they may become familiar with the role of the Alumni Association as an integral part of the STAC Community. 

There are no annual dues for membership in the Alumni Association.  A minimum annual contribution of $25 to the College's Heritage Fund by all Alumni is appreciated.  The Heritage Fund is the annual giving program that raises funds for the general operating expenses of the College and helps fund improvements in both curriculum and classroom technology.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Alumni Association, please contact Jennifer Tanis 845-398-4045 or jtanis@stac.edu.

History & Mission of the Alumni Association

In 1968, Jean M. Carpenter '68 and other dedicated Alumni came together to strengthen what would become a life-long relationship between the College and its graduates.

That was the beginning… In 1970, the St. Thomas Aquinas College Alumni Association was formally established to foster a unified spirit among the graduates of the College while furthering the mission, goals, and welfare of the institution. Jean Carpenter was elected as the Alumni Association's President, and a Board of Directors was selected to manage the affairs of the Association.

By 1986, Alumni totaled 3,500. The College added a Director of Development and Director of Alumni Affairs position to the staff of its Office of Institutional Advancement. This underscored the importance of securing financial resources to support the future development of the institution, as well as the College's commitment to the professional management of its fundraising and alumni relations.

Today, the St. Thomas Aquinas College Alumni Association members more than  12,000 Alumni residing in 50 states and 14 foreign countries and is overseen by the Vice President of Institutional Advancement and the Director of Alumni Affairs and Annual Giving, in conjunction with the advice and counsel of the Association's Board of Directors.  The Board meets regularly to discuss the design and direction of alumni programs, services, and activities. The Board provides the voluntary leadership essential to the successful implementation of these programs and activities.


Barbara Wallenstein ‘90

Vice President
James Russell ‘99

Cassandra Farrell ‘07

Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
Jennifer Tanis

Board Members
Joseph Brady-Amoon ‘86
James Bovino ‘99
Christine Colacino ‘82
Alan Colsey ‘01
Lynn M. Donovan-Krakaur ‘78
Kevin P. Duignan ’75 MBA ‘06
James Ferrone ‘86
Susan Frederick ‘81
Marissa Fremont ‘06
Marey Ellen Ferraro ‘75
Stephen Hancock ‘08
James F. Hanley ‘79
George J. Hufnagel ‘77
Norman J. Huling ‘83
Maureen Kelleher ‘63
Jessica Liss ‘08
Carole Marolda ‘99
Jennifer Mazza ‘10
Alexandra Nolan ‘09
Kevan Ottochian ‘07
Denise Pawlowski ‘89
Eileen Reilly ‘90
Jean Santora ‘77
Brad Sarno ‘06
Jill Sheridan ‘10
Sharon Velazquez-Hubert ‘89
Bryan Viggiano ‘10
Maryann Walker ‘90
Joanmarie Wallace ’11 MSED ‘13
Joseph Winter ‘00
Sandra Wirchansky ‘95
Danielle Young ‘11
Craig Zucker ‘97