Winter 2017


Dr. Elizabeth Finnegan co-presented with Alice Kim, a graduate student in the MST Adolescent Education and Students with Disabilities at this year’s New York State Federation of Chapters of the Council for Exceptional Children’s (NYSCEC) Annual Conference.  The title of their presentation was “Art of Universal Design for Learning.”  In addition, two students, Morghan Sonzogni and Ileah Pratt, both seniors and co-Presidents of the student chapter of NYSCEC led the student strand with their own presentation, an interactive workshop titled, “The Benefits of Co-teaching in an Inclusive Classroom.”  

Dr. Robert Ingoglia, adjunct instructor in the Department of History, published a review in the American Library Association’s Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. The review, which will appear in February 2017, was of Susan Amatangelo’s (ed.) Italian Women at War: Sisters in Arms from Unification to the Twentieth Century (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2016).

Professor Carol Greiff Lagstein has a painting in the Members Exhibit at Rockland Center for the Arts and a show of her oil paintings, called Unification, at the Pomona Cultural Arts Center, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, opening February 12th.  Professor Lagstein also served on the American Art Therapy Association undergraduate committee to create recommended requirements for undergraduate education.

Professor Gerald McCarthy received the Spring Valley NAACP Humanitarian award at its 65th Annual Freedom Fund Membership Gala in the fall.  He was honored for his contributions toward the achievement of the civil rights organization's mission, “To ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.”

Dr. Maria Roglieri presented a paper at the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language (ACTFL) national conference on teaching language and culture to remedial students. She also wrote a chapter on Dante and music for a book to be published in Italy (Dante e la Musica) this spring.

Dr. Stacy Sewell made two presentations this fall, one at the 8th Biennial Meeting of the Urban History Association in Chicago, entitled, "Who Built Urban Renewal? Labor and Laborers on Albany's Empire State Plaza" and the other at the annual conference of the New York State Historical Association in Albany, "A Building Bonanza: The Empire State Plaza in an Era of Urban Renewal, 1962-1978." 

Dr. Michael Shaw was Chair and Keynote Speaker at the 2016 NCTE Annual Conference Reading Collaborative Session, "Faces of Teacher Advocacy: Impacting Student Literacy Achievement." Dr. Shaw is NCTE Director of the Reading Collaborative. He also organized and directed the 21st Annual Rockland Literacy Professional Conference at STAC in collaboration with the Rockland Reading Council; Rockland Teachers' Center; and Scholastic, Inc. that was attended by 200 professional educators and STAC pre-service teachers.


Michael Viohl was promoted to Assistant Director, Campus Safety & Security


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Fall 2016


St. Thomas Aquinas College hosted IGNITE:  the first annual art, design, and scholarship exhibition in Costello Hall.  IGNITE is a celebration of our undergraduate students, their research, and their creativity from multiple disciplines across campus.  The scope of the presentations featured showcased the outstanding caliber of our undergraduate students at St. Thomas Aquinas College.  Participants at IGNITE were those students who performed a senior research project with one of our talented faculty.   As is true of the faculty mentors who supported them, these students and their work hold the potential to contribute positively to the world.   Each of these students has benefitted from mentoring provided by exceptional faculty.   Posters remain hung in Costello Hall year round for all to see!

Professor Nina Bellisio participated in Integrated Teaching International's Think Tank 9 in June and was named to their board as VP for Outreach.   She also presented a paper entitled "Profession// Faculty Engagement: Refresh Faculty Development" at the AIGA Design Educators conference at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

Dr. Benjamin Wagner published an article with his colleagues in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology entitled “Making it moral:  Merely labeling an attitude as moral increases its strength.” He is proud of the work that was put in--nearly 10 years in the making!

Professor Denize Lauture has written a poem called "The Haitian Poet", which has been published in the book, The Poetry of Everyday Life:  Storytelling and the Art of Awareness. 

Dr. Linda Levine Madori has been asked to be a Keynote Speaker at the 4th International Alzheimer's and Dementia Conference in London, England on September 28.
The presentation is “Utilizing the TTAP Method for Collective Impact on Dementia Units; Increasing Interactions, Involvement and Socialization while decreasing Falls."  This paper is the direct results of the 2015 study of 1850 interactions at Linden Oaks at Edward Hospital in Illinois.

Dr. Michael Shaw co-presented at the 2016 International Literacy Association Annual Conference with MSED Literacy Program completer Terri Komar, Reading/ELA Resource Teacher, Slocum-Skewes School, Ridgefield, NJ.  The session was entitled, “The Transformative Power of Literacy Through Real World Learning: Passion, Motivation, Engagement, and Empowerment as Keys for School and Life Success.”  As President of the Rockland County Reading Council, a member Council of the New York State Reading Association, Dr. Shaw authored the award-winning application for the 2016 NYSRA Literacy Outreach Award for the book collection and read-in by RRC student members for Margetts Elementary School in the East Ramapo Central Schools District, a N.Y. State designated high-needs school district based on poverty level.  More than 900 books were collected thanks to the contributions from our STAC community.

Dr. Suzanne Reynolds and her co-author published in the Proceedings of the 40th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education.  Co-author Dr. Elizabeth Uptegrove of Felician College presented the research on students resolving conjectures about fractions at the conference in Szeged, Hungary in August.

Professor Gerald McCarthy was awarded a two-week residency at the American Academy in Rome in the spring to research a project entitled, “ The Sacred Light of Poverty: Caravaggio’s influence on 20th century Italian writers Ignazio Silone and Pier Paolo Pasolini.”  His new poetry appears in the I-70 Review and in Full:  An anthology of moon poems (Two of Cups Press).  A personal essay “Dancing in the dark” was published in We Gotta Get Out of this Place, University of Massachusetts Press.

Dr. Maria Roglieri gave a talk on Dante and music at the University of Pennsylvania. This paper will be published by the University Pennsylvania.  She will be a lead presenter and giving a paper on teaching language to remedial students at the ACTFL (American Council on Teachers of Foreign Language) conference in November.  She cofounded the STAC Alumni Travel Club and brought alumni on a Food and Wine tour of Tuscany and Umbria last fall.  This fall she will be bringing alumni on a tour of Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and France.

Dr. Robert Ingoglia, adjunct instructor in the Department of History, published two reviews in the American Library Association’s Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. The reviews, which appeared in October and November of 2016, were of Roger B. Manning’s War and Peace in the Western Political Imagination: From Classical Antiquity to the Age of Reason (Bloomsbury Academic, 2016); and Richard W. Kaeuper’s Medieval Chivalry (Cambridge University Press, 2016). In addition, Dr. Ingoglia published an Op-Ed piece in the nation’s third oldest newspaper The Philadelphia Enquirer (26 August 2016) entitled “Commentary: Don't Say These Things to your Unemployed Friends.” The piece entered syndication and was picked up by national newspapers such as the Tucson Star and, internationally, by The Gulf Today (United Arab Emirates).

Dr. Joseph Coyne, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, has been named the New Jersey Psychological Association's 2016 "Psychologist of the Year".  Dr. Coyne was also re-elcted for a two year term to the American Psychological Association Council of Representatives, the governing body of the APA, as the Representative from New Jersey.

Study Beyond Connection Reception
At this informal gathering this Fall, we will again have 4-5 students speak about their Internships and/or Experiences within their fields of interests.  They will share the Hows, Wheres, Whys and Whats about their opportunities. This gives our students in the School of Business the perfect chance to network with their peers within their majors, learn more about what is to come and what is offered, and to plan for their futures.

Sterling Bank CO-OP with St. Thomas Aquinas College
Victoria Perrotta '17, was our first student to successfully complete our Co-Op program last Spring semester between St. Thomas Aquinas College and Sterling Bank.  Dean Murphy, Mary Vota, and Jack Kopinsky, Sterling National Bank CEO, worked together to create this truly useful experience for our students.  We have two students at Sterling National Bank this Fall participating in the Co-Op (Jessica Freeman '18 and Marie Clune '18). 

Congratulations. . . .

Professor Nina Bellisio was promoted to Associate Professor.
Dr. Steve Burns was promoted to Dean, School of Arts and Sciences.
Professor Christine Cahill was promoted to Associate Professor.
Maria Coupe was promoted to Director, Human Resources.
Virginia Dunnigan was promoted to Director, Lougheed Library
Sharon Fetters was promoted to Reference, Serial Interlibrary Loan Librarian.
Dr. Elizabeth Finnegan was promoted to Associate Professor.
Mary Ann Fitzpatrick was promoted to Administrative Assistant.
Kim Holt was promoted to Biology Lab Coordinator.
Dr. Athena McAlenney was promoted to Associate Professor.
Dr. Meghan Mihal was promoted to Associate Professor.
Eileen Murphy was promoted to Registrar.
Denise Pawlowski was promoted to Office Assistant.
Dr. Stacy Sewell was promoted to Assistant Dean, School of Arts and Sciences.
Danielle Young was promoted to Associate Registrar.

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