Annual Hall of Fame & Reunion Dinner

Each year the Alumni Association and the College hold the annual Hall of Fame and Reunion Dinner on the Friday closest to the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas (January 28th) the medieval saint, scholar, and patron of the College.  The purpose of the dinner is to honor the incoming class of Hall of Fame Honorees, the Annual Spartan Award Honoree, and to celebrate the milestone graduation anniversary years.

 January's Hall of Fame event

Induction into the Hall of Fame is not a popularity contest; it is the recognition of true achievement, an acknowledgement of professional, civic, and societal accomplishment. To be eligible for induction to the Hall of Fame open to all alumni and honorary alumni, a nominee must have made a measurable and quantifiable difference in our society. Moreover, a nominee must have carried out the mission of our Alma Mater-"To Enlighten the Mind through Truth." This challenge has been presented to every STAC graduate at commencement for over fifty years. To be eligible for the Spartan Award (which includes Hall of Fame inductees for non-alumni) the nominee must have exhibited the same accomplishments and also have shown a true enlightened spirit in support of the College mission.

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St. Thomas Aquinas College
Annual Hall of Fame & Spartan Award Honorees
1998 – 2012

Class of 1998
Dr. Mary Ann Biller-Fischetti ’58
Dr. Paula Fives-Taylor ’58
Mr. James F. Hanley ’79

Sr. Mary M. Keehan O.P., ‘58
Dr. Mary McGann Burns ‘63
Dr. Donald T. McNelis, Hon., ‘95


Class of 1999
Sr. Margaret M. Ryan O.P. ’58
Dr. Elizabeth A. Logan ’64
Ms. Patricia A. Murphy ’77

Sr. Eileen Clifford O.P. ‘60
Mr. Stephen F. DeGroat ‘76
Dr. Catherine Costello Skae, M.D., ‘85


Class of 2000
Sr. Kathleen M. Kane O, P., ’58
Mr. Timothy P. Connolly ’75
Ms. Mary L. Duffy ’82

Sr. Catherine Cleary, P.B.V.M., ‘68
Mr. Michael T. D’Antoni ‘80
*John Cardinal O’Connor, D.D., Ph.D., Hon., ‘85


Class of 2001
Sr. Elizabeth C. Hasselt, O.P., ’65
Br. Michael B. Ramos, C.F.C., ’78
Mr. James R. Carter ’86
*Mr. Thomas D. Daly, 2001 Spartan Award

Ms. Barbara A. Corcoran ‘71
Mr. Leon S. Steinberg ‘81
Dr. Patricia Ann Reilly, O.P., Hon. ‘87
Mr. George L. Kopac, 2001 Spartan Award


Class of 2002
Sr. Jean Marshall O.P., ’64
Ms. Susan C. Schulmerich ’76
Dr. Kenneth W. Tobey, D.C., ’87
Mr. Laurence T. “Pete” Beckerle, 2002 Spartan Award

Sr. Elizabeth Graham O.P., ‘65
*Ms. Debra Settineri ‘82
Bishop Patrick V. Ahern, D.D., Hon., ‘87


Class of 2003
Sr. Mary E. Mooney O.P., ’69
Mr. Paul P. Borghese ’82
Mr. Peter Unanue ’90
Dr. John Casazza, 2003 Spartan Award

Mr. Robert M. Avdoyan ‘81
Dr. John P. Lawler, Hon., ‘84
Ms. Kimberly Unanue ‘99
Dr. Robert Schelin, 2003 Spartan Award
Class of 2004
Sr. Elizabeth McAleavey, O.P., ’58
Dr. Mary Ellen Ferraro, ’75
Hon. Benjamin A. Gilman, ’Hon., ’77
Ms. Barbara Vano, 2004 Spartan Award
Sr. Gloria J. Perez, P.B.V.M., ’64
Mr. William H. Madden, ’81
Ms. Romaine McNelis, 2004 Spartan Award
Class of 2005
Dr. Amelia P. De Marco, O.P., ’62
Mr. Thomas L. Brizzolara, ’78
Mr. Eugene P. Winters, ‘82
Dr. Deborah A. O’Connell-McManus, ’85
Ms. Patricia B. Magee, ‘68
Ms. Linda J. Barry, ‘82
Ms. Socorro Santos-Winters, ‘82
Mr. Vincent Abbatecola, 2005 Spartan Award
Class of 2006
Ms. Maureen P. Kelleher, ’63
Ms. Jean M. Santora, ’77
Mr. Bernard Nicolosi, ’86
Mr. Jerome Belson, 2006 Spartan Award
Mr. Donald J. Riley, 2006 Spartan Award
Sr. Peggy A. Scarano, O.P., ‘70
Mr. Norman J. Huling, ‘83
Ms. Victoria C. Strayton, ‘87
Mrs. Maxine Belson, 2006 Spartan Award
Mrs. Donna G. Riley, 2006 Spartan Award
Class of 2007
Sr. Cecilia M. LaPietra, O.P., ’63
Mrs. Portia Boggia Davidson, ’71
Mr. David Wemmer, ‘82
Mr. James M. Dugandzic, ’86
Ms. Ann P. Sullivan, ‘95
Dr. Naomi Kaplan, Hon., ‘05
The Ducey Agency, 2007 Spartan Award
Mr. Michael McManus, 2007 Spartan Award
Class of 2008
Sr. Joanne Deas, O.P., ’58
Mr. Kevin P. Duignan, ‘75, MBA ’06
Bro. Michael J. Harlan, O.F.M., ’78
Mr. Dennis O’Donnell, 2008 Spartan Award
Mr. Robert J. Maestri, Jr., ‘90
Ms. Barbara A. Wallenstein, ‘90
Ms. Carole Phillips Marolda, ‘99
Mr. Harold J. Peterson, 2008 Spartan Award
Class of 2009
Patricia A. Murtha, O.P ’59
Raymond Kondracki, ’81
Joseph Brady-Amoon, ’86
Dr. Mary Ann Hatala, 80
Gordon J. Johnson, ‘82
Joseph & Joan McSweeny, 2009 Spartan Award
Class of 2010
Sr. Maureen Massett, O.P. ‘60
Mr. Mark Romano, ’79
Mrs. Michelle Nash, ’86
Mrs. Virginia Hand, ’88

Mr. Robert Kilduff, ‘79
Mrs. Maria Kilduff, ‘79
Ms. Erin Kilduff, ‘08
Mr. Barry Dorfman, 2010 Spartan Award

Class of 2011
Sr. Eileen Barrow, O.P. ‘61
Mr. Daniel O’Kane, Jr. ’79
Mr. Robert Lem, ’77
Mrs. Eileen Farrell, ’82
Mr. James Russell, ‘99
IBEW Union # 363, 2011 Spartan Award

Mr. Michael Monahan, ‘74
Mr. Wesley Lem, ‘77
Mr. Edward Lem, 81
Mr. Raymond Farrell, ‘82
Rockland Country Club Foundation, 2011 Spartan Award

Class of 2012
Sr. Patricia Walsh, O.P. ’62
Mr. John S. Hogan, ’79
Mrs. Susanne Kaechele, ’82
Mrs. Kerrin Mahffey, ’85
Mrs. Dianne De Lucia, ’88
Mr. Anthony “Babe” Mongilia, 2011 Spartan Awards Honoree
Brigadier General Robert Winzinger, US Army, 2011 Spartan Awards Honoree

Mrs. Kathleen M. Doherty, ‘70
Mr. Thomas Kaechelle, ‘80
Mr. James Mahaffey, ‘82
Mr. Vincent De Lucia ‘87
Mr. Craig J. Zucker, ‘97


Class of 2013
Sr. Sheila Mullins, O.P. ’63
Ms. Maureen Fay, ’70
Mr. Andrew Krakaur ‘79
Ms. Christine Colacino, ’82
John Paulding Engine Company No. 1 Sparkill-Palisades Fire District, 2013 Spartan Awards Honoree
South Orangetown Ambulance Corps, 2013 Spartan Awards Honoree
Dr. Breda Murphy Bova, ‘67
Mrs. Lynn M. Donovan-Krakaur ‘78
Mrs. Barbara Sullivan McConnell ‘80
Mr. Thomas Donovan ‘83

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