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spacerFrequently Asked Questions

Where does tutoring take place? 
All tutoring takes place in Spellman 111.

Who can use the tutoring services? 
All STAC students are eligible to unlimited tutoring services through The Center for Academic Excellence.

Is there a fee for tutoring?  
No, tutoring through the CAE is free of charge to all STAC students.

Is tutoring available for all courses? 
We try to offer tutoring for as many courses as possible.  We always have tutors for English, Foreign Languages, and most Math and Science Courses.  If we do not have a tutor for a specific course, we will try to find one for you.

Do I need an appointment?
Drop-ins are always welcome, but it is wise to make an appointment to ensure that a tutor will be available.

What are the tutor’s qualifications? 
All tutors have received at least a B+ or higher in the course they are tutoring, have an overall GPA of a least 2.75, and are faculty recommended.

How should I prepare for a tutoring session?

  1. Come to your appointment on time.
  2. Come prepared!  Bring your syllabus or copy of assignment, class notes, returned quizzes, tests or papers to review, and your textbook.
  3. Be prepared to work.  This is the time to ask questions and talk about your work.
  4. Remember that improvement takes time.  Be patient with yourself.
  5. Cooperate with your tutor.  If you are open to their suggestions and are willing to try new techniques, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.
  6. Remember that your effort and your willingness to work will contribute the most to your success!

What if I come in for tutoring and I'm still lost?
Our tutors provide support; however, as in the case with all college courses, the ultimate responsibility lies with the student.  We encourage you to communicate with your instructors and or advisor, form study groups, and utilize resources such as the library and Internet to help you succeed.  Do not hesitate to ask for the help you need!



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