My association with St. Thomas Aquinas College began in 1998 when I joined the Board of Trustees.  I served on the Board from 2006 – 2010 and again from 2011 – 2013, having served as Chair of the Board from 2006 to 2010.  In 2010 I occupied the Aquinas Chair of Catholic Studies in the spring semester.  Subsequently I served as adjunct professor in the spring of 2011 and 2012. 

            On this site you will find my complete curriculum vita and all of my published artic les to date as well as unpublished articles and speeches.  I have donated my writings to the STAC for preservation and for access as research.

            The articles represent seven categories which in turn correspond to various stages of my employment from 1958 to the present.  Those seven categories are:

  1. Educational/Instructional Technology
  2. The Computer and Administration
  3. Spirituality and Motivation
  4. Middle East Issues
  5. Political Issues
  6. Interfaith Dialogue
  7. Ecumencial Dialouge
  8. CV

Automation Educator Jan 67 (Homework Goes On Line)
The Catholic Educator Mar 67 (THE Telephone and the Computer)
The Catholic Educator May 68 (A Typewriter that Speaks)
Journal of Data Education Oct 68 (Computer Controlled Learning)
The Catholic Educator Oct 68 (Television, Telephone, Computer Tested in a Unique Equipment)
The Science Teacher Dec 68 (Television, Telephone, Computer as tools of the educator)
Audiovisual Instruction Dec 68 (The Computer, Television and Telephone as Educational Tools)
NCRA Bulletin May 69 (Teacher Education through an Innovation of Modern Technology)
The Catholic Educator Oct 69 (A Data Processing Center for Schools of the Archdiocese of New York)
The Catholic Educator Oct 69 (A Data Processing Center for Schools of the Archdiocese of New York)
Computers and Automation Dec 70 (Homework Calculation by Remote Computer)
AEDS Monitor Sep 71 (Communications Media for Education An Experiment)
Computers and Automation Feb 73 (The Church and the Computer)
AVCR winter 73 (ITV, Telephone and Computer as an Instructional System a Feasibility Study)
Educational Technology Systems Spring 74 (Communications Media, Computers, and Educators)
National Catholic Educational Association 75 (National Conference on Catholic School Finance)
Administrators of Catholic Schools Oct 75 (Management of Finances)
Technical Writing and Communications 75 (Communications Media, Computers, and Educators)
Today's Catholic Teacher May 76 (Today's Children- Tomorrow's Adults)
3RD Triennial Symposium July 76 (The Computer, Instructional Television and Telephone and Instructional Network)
Technical Writing and Communications 1977 (A not so modest proposal: Technology and tomorrow's school)
Americas UNIVAC Users Association Proceedings 76-77
Momentum May 78 (Computers assisted instruction: yesterday, today and tomorrow)
Catholic Library World Apr 79 (The Librarian Role In Technology)
NYU Final (The Relation of Computer Technology to Instructional Strategies)
IEEE (Computer Technology and the Education of Tomorrow's Children)
AUUA Proceedings Fall Conference
Conference Proceedings 80 (Association for the Development of Computer based instructional systems)
IEEE 80 (Word Processing in Church Administration)
Conference Proceedings 81 (Computer based instruction)
Information Management Systems, Archdiocese of New York 82 (The Electronic Blackboard: Collectivized Computer Assisted Instruction)
Electronic Instruction Strategies
Media Development 83 (Can computers be used for peace)
J Educational Technology Systems 83-84 (The Electronic Blackboard: Potential for the developing world's education)
Today's Catholic Teacher 84
Catholic New York op/ed 84 (A visitor finds a people living the values of new saint)
Momentum Feb 86 (The Video game: A model for teacher - student collaboration)
WCRP Report Jun 87 (Religion Cause or cure of conflict)
Catholic Near East Magazine 88 (The Church and the Palestinians)
Catholic Near East Magazine Summer 88
Currents in Modern Thought (Ethics of Nuclear Deterrence)
Pontifical Mission Palestine
Our Journey Together
90 Years in Ethiopia
Development in Christian Muslim Relations
Spirit of St. Mary's 91
World of Islam
Against All Odds, Assyrian Church
Three religions, one hometown
Ethics of Nuclear Deterrence
On Fire for Cause of Christ
Peace in the Holy Land
All in the Family
Women of Middle East
Onward Christian Soldiers
Holy Embrace of Rome Assyrians
Direct Bloodline for Jews & Gentiles
Nature of Dialogue
Understanding Islam
Dialogue with Islam
Promise of Dialogue with Islam
Harvard's Hotbed of Hope
Palestinian Christians in Holy Land
Discuss God Who Unites Us
Investiture Speech - 1999
Economic Sanctions Applied to Iraq
Speech Holy Land People etc.
Timeline of Events Crusades
Rome Byzantium Islam
Eastern Lieutenancy 03
Eastern Lieutenancy Summer 03
Social Justice Review Mar Apr 04
Speech Islamic Cultural Center 23 Feb 04
Speech EOHSJ Oct 04
Article Pilgrim Pope & Islam Spring 00
Abstract of Bidirectional Square Wave Frequency Modulation of a Radio Frequency Spectrometer


A Carrot, and Egg and a cup of Coffee
A Commentary on the Passing Scene
A Day To Remember
Aquinas Medal Acceptance
As a Pilgrim in Rome - Jubilee 2000
Computer Assisted Negotiations for Peace
Discussing The God Who Unites Us
Eulogy for Gertrude A. Nicholas, 1914-2010
Eulogy of Gertrude Carroll, 1891-1989
Eulogy of Hugh F. Carroll, Sr., 1883-1974
Events of the Crusades and Contemporary Events
Golden Age of Islam
Hired Hands
Hurrying ~ A Hindrance To The Holy
John Nolan Biogrpahy
Knock Their Socks Off, 10.31.13
Let Us Pray
Me, Myself and I!
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Pilgrimage To The Holy Land
Prayer and Pilgrimage
Salvation History Revisited
Self Fulfillment and Happiness
Terrence Cardinal Cooke, Pastoral Message on Peace
Thank You
That's Another Story
The 10th Parallel - North
The Arab Spring - a Christian Crucible
The Challenge of Peace - God's Promise And Our Response
The Christians of the Middle East
The Computer and Leisure - A Double Edged Sword
The Hell of It
The Improvident Master
The Interview With God
The Word Was Made Flesh
Truth Can Be Hard to Find
UN Observer Introduces English Book on Holy See's Peace Concerns
Understanding Islam







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