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Here are some other suggestions you should consider during the grant writing process:

Budget Enough Time - Your proposal will likely require input and contributions from individuals other than yourself. Make sure you have enough time to gather required signatures, letters of endorsement, and supporting materials before the source’s deadline. Remember that your proposal needs to be reviewed by the Director of Foundation and Community Relations at least two weeks before you submit it to the funder.

Follow Directions - With stiff competition for limited grant funds, your inability to follow simple instructions could be the deciding factor in whether your proposal is funded or not. If the agency provides guidelines for a proposal’s format, length, or content, follow them precisely.

Recruit a Peer Reviewer - As it is with academic articles and papers, it is always helpful to enlist the help of colleagues to review your final proposal draft. Peer reviewers, both at the College and at other institutions, can identify areas for improvement as well as spelling errors that your word processing software didn’t catch.

Check the Proposal Status - Unless your source specifically asks you not to, it is appropriate to contact them within a week to ten days after you have sent the proposal to ensure that they have received it. You can also use this call, as an opportunity to clarify their review process, but don’t be too pushy!

Get Reviewer Feedback - Even the best proposal doesn’t always meet with success. However, some funding sources and program officers are willing to provide applicants with feedback on their proposals.  Take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen your proposal and better understand the source’s review process.


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