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The Honors Program at St. Thomas Aquinas College is designed for students of superior academic ability with a decided commitment to humane values. The Program reflects the declared mission of the College as an institution committed to both the search for truth through the enlightenment that comes from knowledge and to human freedom that is an outgrowth of seeking the truth.

The Honors Program

The objectives of the Honors Program at St. Thomas Aquinas College, which was implemented in 1987, are student centered and may be expressed as follows:

to experience the inter-relatedness of knowledge from various disciplines;

to deepen a passion for knowledge that goes beyond the more formal aspects of education;

to experience that the search for truth is timeless and never ending;

to realize the necessity of discipline in scholarly pursuits;

to appreciate more fully the broad array of gifts of all persons.

Students who are selected for admission to the Honors Program will have their academic schedules modified to include special courses taught by versatile professors dedicated to the humane objectives of the Program. Over the several semesters of their attendance at St. Thomas Aquinas College these students will be invited to enroll in a series of Honors courses, beginning with special sections of freshman English and followed by advanced courses on particular topics in a variety of disciplines. Some of these courses will be interdisciplinary in nature and may be team-taught. The Honors Program encompasses the four years of undergraduate study during which students are expected to complete a minimum of six Honors courses.


Applicants to the Honors Program are strongly encouraged to apply early. Completed applications are considered on a rolling basis, and admission to the Honors Program is highly competitive.

Application to the Honors Program is open to new freshmen entering college as full time students in the Fall semester who meet the following criteria:

High school average of 90 or above in major subjects at the time of application, and

Combined SAT scores of at least 1200 with no section less than 550 or ACT composite score of 27.

Evidence of a rigorous course of study in high school (usually includes honors and/or AP courses).

Evidence of substantial involvement in extra-curricular activities.

The Application Process

Students who are interested in applying to the Honors Program must submit the following to the Admissions Office by March 31st during their senior year of high school:

  1. A completed application for admissions with all supporting documentation (i.e. official high school transcript, SAT scores, etc.).
  2. Two letters of recommendation to the Honors Program by the high school guidance counselor and a high school faculty member.

After acceptance to the college, students who meet the eligibility requirements (see above), will be contacted to set up a personal interview with the Honors Program Director.

Upon completion of the personal interview, notification of decision will be sent to the student within 14 days.


Students accepted into the Honors Program will receive the following:

  • A $20,000 (70%) Tuition Scholarship for incoming Fall 2015 students for courses taken at the College as full time students during the Fall and Spring semesters (Pell and TAP may be applied up to the cost of tuition), if the tuition rises, the scholarship amount will increase to remain at approximately 70% of the current tuition rate;
  • The opportunity to study at Oxford University, England, during the summer after the completion of their junior year (see below);
  • Early registration assistance;
  • The ability to participate in co-curricular activities sponsored by the Honors Program;
  • Transcript and diploma recognition of Honors work;
  • Facilitation of applications to graduate/professional schools through faculty recommendations.

Students in the Honors Program have the opportunity to attend Oxford University in the summer following their junior year. Honors Program students can choose one 3-credit course from among several offered by Oxford University.

St. Thomas Aquinas College provides a full scholarship covering tuition, room and board for the summer program at Oxford University to all students in the Honors Program upon completion of their third year at college.

For information contact:

Dr. Ryan Wynne
Honors Program Director


Dr. Bart Grachan
Director of Admissions



St. Thomas Aquinas College
125 Route 340
Sparkill, NY 10976



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