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International Study Program Information for Faculty

Please use this checklist as a guide if you are applying for International Study.  Mr. Michael  McManus, Director of Academic Services, located in Spellman 109, is available to guide you in completing the requirements.  Please call Helene Moiseyev at 845-398-4028 to make an appointment.

Deadline for Applying to International Study Courses or Programs (varies by term and will be inserted for each course and program)

Application process
Confirm you eligibility to participate in the St. Thomas Aquinas College International Study Program:

  • In attendance at St. Thomas Aquinas College during the semester prior toParticipation.
  • Minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA at the time of application
  • Junior standing at the time of departure
  •  No incomplete grades and satisfactory academic standing at the time of departure

Consult with Mr. McManus in Spellman 109 (Office of Academic Services (for assistance in completing the application process.

Complete the International Study Application and compose your Statement of Purpose.  Complete all applicable International Study Program Supplement Forms.

Submit the application for the Registrar’s signature to verify eligibility.
Schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor to review your Statement of Purpose and discuss your choice of program.

Obtain the signature of the Director of Academic Advising.  Schedule an appointment to finalize your course selection and determine the placement of those courses into your academic program. Bring a printed course list from the program to this meeting, including a second choice of scheduled courses in case some courses are not available.

If you are a financial aid recipient, meet with a Financial Aid Counselor and obtain the approval of the Financial Aid Director.

Meet with a Business Office representative to obtain detailed information regarding the billing procedure, tuition, fees, etc.

Submit the completed application to Mr. McManus, including evidence of insurance for all of the time that you will be enrolled in the program.  Also, bring a letter from a bank, parent or other responsible party specifying that the appropriate amount of financial support is being set aside in an account to which you have access so that you can pay for your expenses while enrolled in a course or program (food on weekends when traveling, rail passes, and any other expenses not previously identified in the program description or contract); a current STAC transcript, an approved list of courses if your enrolling in a program, and parental approval allowing you to enroll in a particular international study course or program with signatures that are notarized.

Your Notification of Eligibility will be mailed to you.

Apply directly to the program of your choice.

Pay the non-refundable deposit, and any other required deposits directly to your program coordinator.  Determine whether your program offers appropriate health insurance; if not, contact your own health insurance provider to obtain coverage.

After you have received your Notice of Eligibility and your program acceptance, contact Mr. McManus to make an appointment to sign your Intent to Enroll as a final step in the application process.  Bring a copy of your program acceptance letter to this appointment.



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