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A faculty member employed at the College may request permission to offer a course or program through the International Study Program.  These procedures will enhance the experience and reduce much of the administrative work for faculty members who are interested.

A STAC faculty member seeks approval from a Division Chair to offer an International Study Course or Program.  Normally, such approval is obtained at least two semesters in advance of the term in which the course or program will be offered.

The faculty member meets with Mr. McManus, to discuss the following issues:

  • Name and description of course, intended audience,
  • Admissions prerequisites, academic credits to be earned, and nature of the academic program.
  • Location, including potential classroom and living
  • Facilities and any required travel from the base location
  • Length of time for various class-based activities,
  • Including a schedule for each day that academic work is assigned.
  • Student costs for enrolling in the program, including
    tuition, fees, books, travel, food, and lodging.
  • Establishment of a minimum enrollment for the course or program to run.
  • Discussion of ancillary requirements including insurance, deposits, airfare, etc
  • Salary and benefits for the instructor (i.e., pay scale based on
  • Enrollment, airline tickets purchased, free room and board
    and any other benefits accruing to the instructor).
  • Preparation of a budget for the course or program.
  • Review of the professor’s responsibilities while leading the Course or program.
  • Review of financial incentives for the professor

Program/course approval is obtained from the Division Chair, and, if necessary, the professor seeks approval from the Division Faculty, the College Curriculum Committee, the College Faculty, and the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Presidential approval is required.

Mr. McManus, working with the faculty member, makes arrangements to market the program to STAC and other College students; recruits students; explains each program to STAC faculty and staff, arranges for information to be provided to other colleges as well as through the STAC web site, arranges for student visas, makes arrangements for study abroad facilities and resources, ensures that students make all necessary financial arrangements, organizes flight reservations, etc.



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