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“ Every artist dips his brush into his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
Art speaks when words fail. Art Therapy provides a vehicle for an inward journey through which thoughts, feelings, and images can be released in a concrete form. For many people, art serves as a less threatening bridge for discussing inner feelings.  The art therapist encourages the individual to be expressive in a safe, non-judgmental environment.  The joy of creating has a curative function as it builds confidence and self-esteem. In addition, it allows one to experience a sense of freedom beyond all physical and emotional boundaries. Art Therapy is an exciting and innovative field   that keeps growing . In 2007 AOL listed Art Therapy as one of 10 most promising new fields. Art therapists can be found in hospitals, schools, mental health programs, adult care facilities, prisons, private practice, etc. Art therapists are often the first volunteers called upon when disasters strike. Art therapy is a licensed professional field that is recognized by private insurance companies.

Art Therapy at STAC
The undergraduate degree at STAC provides a well-rounded curriculum in the field of art therapy. The student will take twelve required credits in psychology and twenty-seven credits in fine art and fifteen credits in art therapy. The student will take fifteen credits in required art therapy courses. All of these courses are hands on and provide a foundation for the basic skills and theory required to become an art therapist. The final capstone course, Practicum in Art Therapy, has the student complete 120 hours of supervised field experience with a specific population. In addition students refine their art portfolio for application to graduate schools. 

The student who completes the art therapy major will:

  • Have knowledge of the theory and practice of art therapy.
  • Understand the developmental stages of art.
  • Integrate the application of art therapy to various populations.
  • Competently match the implementation of expressive materials to meet individual’s specific needs.
  • Have insight to the potential meaning conveyed through the art

Students successfully completing this program can look for ward to being thoroughly prepared for graduate school in art therapy. The STAC Art Therapy program is designed to meet the American Art Therapy Associations required curriculum for acceptance to graduate school. In addition, one would be prepared to apply for graduate study in social work, psychology, and other helping professions. 

With the undergraduate degree the student would be competitively marketable as a caseworker, activities therapist, case aide, or teacher’s aide in various settings.

Major Requirements

Course Descriptions

Art Therapy Minor

Faculty-Art/Art Therapy/Graphic Design
Nina Bellisio, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design.
Matthew Finn, Visiting Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Carol Greiff Lagstein, Adjunct Instructor of Art Therapy
Dr. Carl A. Rattner, Professor of Art
Barbara Yontz, Professor of Art




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