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Sapere Aude!

You may not be familiar with this Latin phrase, but it is the unofficial motto of the School of Arts & Sciences.  It means “Dare to know!” and all of the courses, programs, majors, minors, and specializations within the School of Arts & Sciences will challenge you to think – and then rethink – your preconceptions about the world.  The experience of being at a liberal arts college, such as St. Thomas Aquinas College, prepares you for a lifetime – for a career, of course – but also for life as an engaged and informed citizen of your community, your country, and the world.  Our primary goal in the School of Arts & Sciences is to offer a breadth of new perspectives for you to look through in order to help you expand and reach your potential.  Each of our 30 major programs will sharpen your mind, make you a stronger, more analytical thinker, and enrich the rest of your life!  For those who “dare to know” there have always been great rewards.

Please take some time to explore all of our offerings – whether it is working with our outstanding faculty on your own research, building houses in Nicaragua, or starring in our sold-out musical productions. You may find yourself working on a real-life forensic investigation, as an intern at ABC News, or with children in a local hospital.  The School of Arts & Sciences at St. Thomas Aquinas College is completely committed to giving you the skills you need to join our alumni who are already out in the world, solving problems and making life better.

The School of Arts & Sciences Staff
Dr. Robert Murray
Professor of English
Mrs. Mary Ann Fitzpatrick
Senior Office Assistant
Dr. Steve Burns
Professor of Chemistry
Assistant Dean of Administration
Mrs. Monica Caselli
Office Assistant
Dr. Heath Bowen
Assistant Professor of History
Assistant Dean of Curriculum
Ms. Leslie Seda
Work-Study Student, 2011-present




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