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Christianity is the dominant religious tradition in the western world; its stories, icons, concepts, etc. are part of the building blocks of western culture. Scholars of religion focusing on Christianity may focus on Christian scriptures, early Christianity and the “church fathers,” medieval Christianity, the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Counter-Reformation, or modern Christianity.

Christian Traditions at STAC
The specialization in Christian Traditions offers a variety of courses which examine the origins and history of Christianity, from the first century to the present. First, the curriculum concentrates on the Christian scriptures, including the Old Testament and the New Testament. Students will investigate when these texts were written, in what historical context, and with what social agenda in mind. Second, the curriculum proceeds to focus on how the Christian tradition developed over time, from late antiquity to the middle ages, and from the early modern period to the present. Last, students are invited to consider the place of Christianity and Christian theology in relationship to contemporary social, political, and ethical issues. For instance, the “Christian Ethics in Contemporary Society” course considers the relationship between Christianity and the debates on abortion, sexual orientation, and war. The program provides the opportunity for students to prepare for graduate studies—either secular graduate study or seminary—or for a variety of careers.

Students who major in Philosophy and Religious Studies develop the kinds of skills all employers look for: critical reasoning, persuasion, the ability to summarize complexity without sacrificing meaning, an awareness of an ethical framework, and the ability to formulate and defend policies and positions. It is no surprise, then, that ranks philosophy majors in the top third of all areas of study in terms of earning potential, above International Relations, Chemistry, and Marketing.

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Faculty-Religious Studies
Dr. David Keppler, Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Craig Martin, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies.
Dr. Robert Trawick, Associate Professor of Religious Studies





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