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The academic study of Ethics involves a philosophical investigation into the nature of ethics and morality. Ethics considers questions such as the following. Are moral norms universal and objectively built into the universe, or are they merely human creations variable from culture to culture? If moral norms are objective, how can we have knowledge of their existence? If moral norms are merely human creations, what claim do they have on us, or what force do they carry?

Ethics at STAC
The specialization in Ethics offers a curriculum with a twofold purpose. First, students are introduced to philosophical ethical questions and concerns: What—if anything—is the foundation for ethics or morality? How do we determine what behaviors are moral or immoral? How can we interpret or engage with sophistication the contemporary ethical debates surrounding issues such as economic exploitation, human sexuality, or universal human rights? Second, students are invited to consider how religious practitioners (primarily Jewish and Christian) have contributed to such ethical debates, as well as how the authoritative texts in these traditions have been used to advance social agendas, both ethical and unethical in nature. The program provides the opportunity for students to prepare for graduate studies—either secular graduate study or seminary—or for a variety of careers.

Religious Studies majors pursue careers in the following areas: non-profits, social services, health and welfare ministries, missions, education – its focus on ethics makes it a useful preparation for careers in medical ethics, business and communications.

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Major Requirements

Course Descriptions

Christian Traditions Specialization

Philosophy Specialization

Pre-Law Specialization

Religious Studies Specialization

Social Justice Specialization

Philosophy and Religious Studies Minor

Faculty-Religious Studies
Dr. David Keppler, Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Craig Martin, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies.
Dr. Robert Trawick, Associate Professor of Religious Studies



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