Block Styles

Menu Blocks

When creating a menu block, you can select the three styles shown below from the "Style Type" dropdown in the "Configure Block" screen. "Green" is for blocks simlar to the Popular Links block on the home page; "Gray" is the standard left-column menu block; and "Maroon" is the button-style block as seen on the main Admissions page.



When creating either a new Student Profile or Staff Profile, there are three fields that control the display of the block. First, the Label identifies the profile and is also used for the sorting order on the "Meet the Admissions Team" page. Numbering the profiles as shown below is an easy way to control display order. Next, select the Profile Type and View Mode from the dropdowns at the top of the Edit screen (as shown at right). The Profile Types can be modified or added to via the Taxonomy. The View Mode options are not user-editable.

After creating the Profile block, in Configure Block you must set the Block Title to "<none>"; select a Region in the STAC V1 theme; and then use the Visibility Settings to specify which pages this block should appear on,