Campus Map

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1. Romano Student Alumni Center

1a. Career Services Center
1b. Student Development

This is the center of campus where many events are held. Students meet with each other for a bite to eat, to grab a coffee at the Spartan Grille, a quick game of pool, or to watch some television all while listening to the student-run WSTK radio station. The Romano Center also houses the Career Services Center, Student Activities, and other Student Development Offices: Counseling and Psychological Services; Residence Life; Campus Ministry; and more.

2. Marian Gardens
2a. Naughton Hall (Admissions Center)

3. Maguire Hall
3a. Sullivan Theatre

The Sullivan Theatre, home to the Laetare Players-STAC’s drama club, is located in Maguire Hall. The Sullivan Theatre also serves as a classroom for music, performing arts, and other classes. Maguire Hall is home to classrooms, art studios and the Smith Seminar Room.

4. Aquinas Hall

Aquinas Hall is located in the center of the academic buildings. It houses Campus Safety & Security, the Mail Room and Athletics Offices.

5. Gymnasium & The Kraus Fitness Center

The Gymnasium is the hub for athletics, intramural and club sports and is home to our NCAA DII Basketball teams. The Kraus Fitness Center has state-of-the-art equipment, including cardio machines with advanced training technology.

6. Costello Hall
6a. Azarian-McCullough Art Gallery
6b. Science Labs

Costello Hall, our sciences building with the Berdais Biology and the Casazza Chemistry Laboratories, is a second home for many of our science students who spend a majority of their academic time in class and labs.

In addition, you will find the Poggi Family Terrace and the Azarian-McCullough Art Gallery, where various exhibits are displayed throughout the year.

7. Spellman Hall
7a. Registrar
7b. Communications Studio
7c. Computer Labs (Digital Imaging Lab, Language Lab, General Labs)
7d. Lougheed Library & The Bloomberg Professional Lab
7e. Financial Aid
7f. Admissions

Spellman Hall, one of the main academic buildings, has classrooms, a digital imaging lab and computer labs. Students visit the many academic and administrative offices in Spellman Hall including Academic Affairs, the School of Arts & Sciences, Admissions, Financial Aid, the Registrar, and the HEOP Office. You’ll also find them studying in the Lougheed Library, being tutored in the Center for Academic Excellence, or learning in the Bloomberg Professional Laboratory or Communications Television Studio.

8. Aquinas Village Residence Halls

The Aquinas Village houses upperclassmen. The buildings have a contemporary feel with a common area, and quad, triple, double, or single room options.

9. McNelis Commons Residence Halls

The residence suites are both contemporary and spacious enough for each student to live comfortably. With two suite rooms per unit, the students have the essentials with the legroom that they need. The common area allows the students to meet in the middle for hang time or just a quick chat.

10. McNelis Commons Dining Hall

The Dining Hall offers buffet-style dining, with a variety of options and specialty stations for all tastes.

11. Borelli Hall

Borelli Hall is home to the Office of the President, Enrollment Management, Financial Affairs, Institutional Advancement, the Business Office, Human Resources, and the Schools of Business and Education.

12. Spartan Athletic Complex

Home to the College's Soccer, Softball, Lacrosse, and Women's Field Hockey Teams.

13. Palisades Credit Union Park - Home to Spartan Baseball Team in Pomona, NY

Palisades Credit Union Park - Home to the Spartan Baseball Team, located in Pomona, NY, 20 minutes from campus.