College Seal

The College seal is reserved for and used in messages coming directly from the Office of the President and for official or ceremonial purposes, such as Commencement, Honors Convocation, and a president’s inauguration.

This seal should not be used as a replacement for the primary logo to identify St. Thomas Aquinas College. For example, an invitation or announcement from the Office of the President may use the College seal in place of the primary logo, however, the primary logo should be present on the outer envelope of the invitation/announcement.

The College seal should not be used directly next to or across from the primary logo, whether vertical or horizontal. In other words, the College seal cannot be placed on the side, bottom or top of the primary logo. It can be placed somewhere less prominent, as long as the primary logo takes precedence.

Download the vector (PNG) file of the STAC seal

About the College Seal

Our founding Dominican Sisters of Sparkill adopted as the College motto: “Illuminare Mentem Per Veritatem” — “To Enlighten the Mind Through Truth.”

For its seal, they used the shield of the Dominicans overlaid with a smaller shield containing symbols related to St. Thomas and the Dominican Order. The torch symbolized the light of truth; the sunburst reflects the great light spread by St. Thomas: the star symbolizes the radiance that shone from St. Dominic, and the crown is emblematic of the Queen of the Holy Rosary.