Logo & Identity Guidelines

The goal of the logo and identity guidelines for St.Thomas Aquinas College (STAC) is to ensure that all internal and external parties use the logo elements consistently and appropriately. These logo design guidelines set the standard for using the logo, typeface, and other design elements in advertisements, brochures, newsletters, packaging, written and online communications.

Download the STAC Logo & Identity Guidelines (pdf)
You will find important information regarding the proper use of the STAC logo and athletic Spartan Head.

  • Accurate and consistent use of the STAC logo is essential from a visual, branding, and legal standpoint.
  • All elements of the logo must be used as a single unit in the relationship shown.
  • Logos are not to be adjusted or modified in any way. They should never be resized disproportionally and shadows should never be placed behind them.
  • Only use original artwork provided by St. Thomas Aquinas College (see Logo Options).

No department, school, or unit may create its own logo or design/graphic element for its identity or use without consulting with and obtaining permission from the Office of Enrollment Marketing and Campus Communications. This includes logos for clothing, vehicles, promotional gifts, signage, and stationery. Please consult with the Office of Enrollment Marketing and Campus Communications on your design project(s) when unsure about how to treat the STAC logo and/or other elements of the design guide.


ITC Souvenir and Trade Gothic are the school's official fonts.