Employee Disability Accommodations

Requesting Accommodations - For Employees

Employees should become familiar with the College’s policies, procedures, and services regarding the certification and accommodation of disabilities to enable them to advocate for themselves. If you believe you are in need of an accommodation, please follow the below process:

1. Initiate the support process by completing an  Employee Request for Disability Accommodation Form and attaching current and appropriate documentation and information sufficient to enable the College to consider the existence and nature of the disability, the appropriateness and necessity of the requested services or job-related adjustments. Documentation must be on the health care providers official letterhead and include the following information:

  • A diagnosis.
  • The accommodation being requested.
  • A clear explanation of the functional limitation created by the diagnosed disability that supports the necessity of the accommodation.

2. Submit the completed form with necessary documentation uploaded or email to Anne Schlinck, Director, Disability Services at [email protected]. All personal/medical information is kept confidential. 

3. The Director of Disability Services will review your request and supporting documentation. All accommodation requests are reviewed on a case by case basis.

4. The employee will be invited to participate in an interactive process with the Director of Disability Services.

5. The Director of Disability Services may confer with the employees supervisor and the Office of Human Resources to determine the reasonableness of the requested accommodation and make a determination on your request. The request may be approved, not approved or returned for further documentation.

6. You will receive a letter from the Office of Disability Services outlining their decision.

7. If your accommodation is approved, it is your responsibility to self-advocate by communicating, as needed, to your supervisor to assist in the implementation of services and/or employment related adjustments that the College has determined should be provided.

8. Employees who have questions about the employee accommodation request process should contact Anne Schlinck, Director of Disability Services at [email protected] or call 845-398-4087.