ADA Services

In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, St. Thomas Aquinas College provides accommodations and support services without charge to students, staff, and faculty who request them and provide documentation of their disability.

These may include:

  • modified accessible on-campus housing
  • special dietary accommodations through Campus Dining Services
  • consultation for assistance in developing self-advocacy and networking skills
  • academic aids as required by Section 504 and ADA

St. Thomas Aquinas College recognizes that all students are unique individuals.  Students with learning, physical, or psychological disabilities may need individualized accommodations to ensure equal access to the educational programs offered by St. Thomas Aquinas College.  

To apply for accommodations, you must follow the College’s procedure for requesting accommodations. New students are encouraged to register as soon as they commit to St. Thomas Aquinas College, or at the time that the learning, physical, or psychological disability presents.

Sample list of accommodations offered:

  • Extended time for testing
  • Note taking assistance
  • Use of a scribe
  • Use of  a calculator
  • Distraction reduced location for testing
  • Audio, braille, or large print text
  • Priority seating in class
  • Sign language interpreter

Accommodations are granted to allow students with disabilities to equally participate in and benefit from St. Thomas Aquinas College’s programs, services, and activities, provided that these accommodations would not:

  • Fundamentally alter the nature of St. Thomas Aquinas College’s academic programs, services, or activities
  • Cause undue burden to the college

Specific disabilities often require individual accommodations.  Upon receipt of documentation from a licensed, credentialed professional and assessment of need, these accommodations may include but are not limited to:

For individuals who have visual impairments:

  • assistance in accessing alternate formats of books, newspapers, and magazines
  • audio tapes of college publications including the college catalog
  • housing modifications upon request

For individuals with hearing impairments:

  • housing modifications upon request
  • classroom accommodations

For individuals who have mobility impairments:

  • accessibility to campus buildings
  • relocation of classrooms when necessary
  • accessible housing

For individuals with learning disabilities:

  • assistance in accessing alternate formats of books, newspapers, and magazines.
  • testing accommodations
  • note-taking assistance
  • selected course substitutions, with documented support.

For individuals with emotional disabilities:

  • on campus short-term counseling
  • testing accommodations

Additional College Services:

Beyond the services required by law for students with learning disabilities, St. Thomas Aquinas College also has a program for individuals with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders known as "Pathways". Students who wish to choose this type of comprehensive support and qualify may apply for the program. This program extends the services required by law at extra cost to the student accepted into the program.