Confidentiality Statement


Confidentiality Statement

As a member of the St. Thomas Aquinas Presidential Search Committee (“Search Committee”), I agree to protect the integrity of every prospect and candidate and of the search process. My signature attests to my agreement to adhere to the following principles, and those set forth in the attached Confidentiality Considerations:

  • I will place the interest of St. Thomas Aquinas College ahead of all other considerations. My primary focus will be the Search Committee’s charge to attract, review and recommend (unranked) the best candidates to serve as the next President. 

  • Any appearance of real or potential conflict of interest between a prospective candidate and I will be disclosed promptly and completely to the Chair of the Search Committee.  

  • Only Mr. Peter Skae, Chair of the Search Committee, is authorized to speak to the media and to respond to inquiries regarding the Search Committee’s work. 

I will adhere to the following code of responsibilities:

  1. I pledge to respect the absolute confidentiality of all prospective candidates and all discussions conducted by the Search Committee. I will not reveal such discussions to anyone or reveal the name of or any information about any candidate before or after the Search Committee completes its work. I understand the names of finalist(s) will be made public at the appropriate time.

  2. I will be fair and unbiased, and I will guard against inaccuracies, carelessness, and distortion, made through either undue emphasis or omission of information.

  3. I will diligently review all relevant materials prior to group discussions.

  4. I will ensure the safety of records throughout the search and their disposal after the search has ended to honor the confidentiality of both the candidates and the deliberations of the Search Committee.

  5. I am not and will not become a candidate for the position. 

I have read and agree to abide by this Confidentiality Statement and the accompanying Confidentiality Considerations.