Search Timeline


May–June 2019:

  • Search consultants visit campus to meet with all campus constituent groups
  • Consultants meet with the Presidential Search Committee
  • Consultants finalize job description (search profile)


July 1, 2019:

  • The search goes “live”
  • Consultants build a candidate pool


September 2019:

  • Soft deadline for applications
  • Search Committee meets to shortlist candidates for further consideration
  • Search Committee and search consultant conduct reference calls on shortlisted candidates


Early October 2019:     

  • Search Committee conducts face-to-face interviews with semi-finalist candidates
  • Search Committee selects the finalist candidates to visit the campus


Late October/Early November 2019:       

  • Several finalist candidates visit the campus for two days each and meet with a wide range of campus constituent groups


Mid-November 2019:   

  • Search Committee meets to synthesize materials and information gathered on the finalist candidates and develops a presentation for the Board of Trustees
  • Search Committee shares its findings on the finalist candidates with the Board of Trustees


Early December 2019:

  • The Board of Trustees selects the next president of STAC


Summer 2020:

  • New president takes office