The STAC Pledge

St. Thomas Aquinas College will give you the tools to change your life. That’s why we’ve created the STAC Pledge Program – a scholarship and career-readiness opportunity for all incoming first-year, full-time students. Through the STAC Pledge Program, we can help you gain access to a St. Thomas Aquinas College education so you can make a difference in your life and throughout the world. As a STAC student, you matter in every way. We want to ensure that you have every opportunity for success.

3 pictures. First is of students in class, second is Prof. Trendafilov in the Bloomberg Lab, third is a female student in the Library


We will provide you with at least $50,000 in scholarships and grants over four years.
The first part of the STAC Pledge is a commitment of scholarships and grants of at least $12,500 per year for full-time incoming first-year students. We understand affordability is a major consideration when choosing a college and we're making a financial commitment to you for your future.

We will offer you on-campus housing for all four years.
Many colleges offer you housing, but we can guarantee that you will have College housing for your entire four-year college experience.

We will keep you on a path to graduate in four years.
We promise to work with you to stay on track to complete your undergraduate degree in four years. If you remain in good academic standing, we will help you complete the degree that aligns with your career interests and help you enroll in the classes that will get you there each semester.

We will connect you with a mentor.
The transition from high school to college can a challenge—and the transition to the working world an even more crucial transition to navigate. We promise you we’ll be there to mentor you in all areas of your academic life. That includes helping you find the right faculty, staff, alumni, or community partner to mentor you from your first day on campus to your walk across the commencement stage.

We will provide you with an internship opportunity.
While you prepare to embark on a career, there is no substitute for real-world experience. We promise that working alongside your professors and St. Thomas Aquinas College’s career advising professionals you will find and complete a challenging internship, and enjoy a meaningful experience that fits your career aspirations.

We will set you up with a job interview.
When you graduate from St. Thomas Aquinas College, we want to make sure that interviewers, prospective employers, bosses, supervisors, and colleagues recognize just how unique you are. We promise you’ll have the opportunity to interview with one of our outstanding alumni before graduation. It’s a valuable opportunity to expand your experience, test-drive your interviewing skills, and gain valuable feedback on how to advocate for yourself in a competitive job market.

We will provide you with further Career Development opportunities.
We promise to work with you to develop your professional profile. The Office of Career Development will host workshops to prepare you for a successful career. These workshops include Resume & Cover Letter Writing, LinkedIn, Social Media For the Job Hunt, Dining Etiquette, Dress For Success, Salary Negotiation, & Interview Skills. Additional programs and services include Company Tours, Non-Profit Xchange, Job & Internship Fairs, Career Assessments, Career Counseling, and Career Panels. 

Learn more about the STAC Pledge by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions & Answers page.