The STAC Pledge - FAQ's

Q. What is the STAC Pledge?
A. The STAC Pledge is a St. Thomas Aquinas College program for all new incoming first-year, full-time students and has seven main components:

  1. We will provide students with an automatic $50,000 scholarship over four years, with no income eligibility requirements.
  2. We will offer you on-campus housing all four years.
  3. We will keep you on a path to graduate in four years.
  4. We will connect you with a mentor.
  5. We will provide you with an internship opportunity.
  6. We will set you up with a job interview.
  7. We will provide you with further career development opportunities.

Q. Tell me more about the STAC Pledge scholarship.
The scholarship – $12,500 a year for four years or $50,000 total – automatically renews each year for a total of four years. There is no income requirement.

Q. How do I apply for the scholarship?
There is no additional application required. All-new, first-time incoming students will receive notification of the award as part of their admission acceptance letter.

Q. How is this scholarship different from other financial aid?
The STAC Pledge scholarship is given in addition to any other merit and need-based aid. Unlike programs offered by some colleges, the STAC Pledge scholarship will be awarded to all new, first-time incoming, full-time students regardless of income.

Q. How does the promise to graduate in four years work?
Students must remain enrolled full time (at least 12 credits per semester) in good academic standing, follow the academic plan for their major, meet with their advisors regularly, and seek guidance from academic support services as necessary. The College will help keep students on a path to complete their undergraduate degrees and enroll in the classes they need. It is recommended that all students meet with their academic advisor regularly to ensure academic success.

Q. How do I get a mentor?
You will have the opportunity to work with staff members from the Office of Career Development to determine how a mentor can help you meet your academic and career goals. They will help identify a faculty/staff member or someone in the community who may best serve as a mentor.

Q. How does the internship work?
Students at STAC have the opportunity to engage in an internship early in their academic careers. Our staff, professors, and academic advisors will help students determine which internship will lead to a beneficial experience.

Q. Where would I intern?
St Thomas Aquinas College is constantly making new connections with businesses and organizations on students’ behalf, and therefore places where internships may be found continually evolve and expand. In the past, our students have held internships at a wide array of organizations, including - Active International; ATF – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Barnes & Noble; Blythedale Children’s Hospital; Cablevision, Inc.; CNBC; Eastern Planning; Eclaro International; ESPN; Fox News TV; Goya Foods, Inc.; Helen Hayes Hospital; IBM; IRS – Criminal Investigations Division; Katz Ippoliti & Co PC; Kellogg Company; Key Bank; KPMG; Lifetime Television; Madison Square Garden; McGraw-Hill Companies; Mental Health Association; Morgan Stanley; MSNBC; MTV Networks; NBC TV; New York Rangers; NYS Department of Tax and Finance; NYS Office of Attorney General; Prudential Securities; R.H. Donnelly; Sony Corporation of America; U.S. Secret Service; U.S. Department of Commerce; Verizon Wireless; Volvo Cars of North America; Walt Disney Group; Z-100 FM, among others.

Q. Tell me more about the interview I would get.
As a service through the Office of Career Development, all students have the opportunity to interview with one of our alumni to gain valuable feedback and learn more about how to navigate the career placement process. Our vast alumni network spans many different industries, which allows students to receive feedback directly from those working directly in the career of interest.

Q. Do I have to have a mentor, an internship, and an interview to keep my scholarship?
Although we believe that all of these experiences lead to a more meaningful experience here at STAC, they are not required to keep the scholarship.

Q. Where can I find more details about the STAC Pledge?
You can find out more information at www.stac.edu/stacpledge or by contacting the Office of Admissions at 845.398.4100.