Spellman Hall

There's so much to discover in Spellman Hall! One of our main academic buildings, here you will find many academic and administrative offices including the Provost's office, Disability Services, HEOP, Pathways, the School of Arts & Social Sciences, the School of STEM, and the Student Success Office.

There's a plethora of state-of-the-art classrooms, a digital and TV studio, along with the Registrar's office and a Student Financial Services office. Our Student Financial Services is a one-stop-shop for students to receive information on billing, scholarships, grants and more.

Visit the Bloomberg Professional Lab where students have access to the same platform for news, data, analytics, and research used by the world’s leading banks, corporations, and government agencies on Wall Street.

The Bloomberg Lab offers students real-world training and experience.

Experience our Campus Virtual Tour here.