Vision, Mission & Values

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St. Thomas Aquinas College endeavors to be a vibrant, inclusive learning community that is the top choice for students who seek a leading-edge, transformative education rooted in the liberal arts and designed to prepare them for career success in a changing world.


St. Thomas Aquinas College seeks to challenge, guide, and energize each student to realize and create their own path to success and commit themselves to making a profound difference in the world.


Rooted in a tradition of study, reflection, and service, and faithful to our founders, the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill,  St. Thomas Aquinas College believes that education has the power to liberate and transform. 

Commitment to Access and affordability, diverse learning community, lifelong learning and nurturing the whole self maroon pillars

Access and Affordability

Access and transformation.

Access to higher education has been a core principle of the College since its founding. We are committed to providing access to all students, especially those from diverse learning backgrounds and those who have been historically underrepresented due to social and economic inequities—for example, first-generation students and students of color. Since access is often about financial limitations, our commitment to education as a practice of social justice is to provide a quality education that is affordable by offering financial support to those students in need.

However, our commitment to access does not end once students are here. Our low student-to-faculty ratio allows students to work directly with highly credentialed faculty who are actively engaged in research and scholarship, but are committed first and foremost to teaching and mentoring. Through them, students have access to a rigorous, transformative curriculum.

To help realize that path, students can access a range of outstanding internships, community service opportunities, research projects, clubs, and championship athletics.


Diverse Learning Community

A diverse, responsive education.

We are committed to academic excellence. This means we are a responsive community, one that listens to our diverse and ever-changing student body. It means that diversity is reflected in the range of courses we offer, in the backgrounds and scholarly interests of our faculty, in the services we provide to support students, and in the identities and personal and academic pursuits of our students. It means we strive to provide opportunities for rich inquiry and encourage intellectual risk-taking. It means we understand and value the importance of educating not only informed but also compassionate citizens who, because they have been exposed to diverse experiences and voices, are prepared to participate in local and global conversations.


Lifelong Learning

Learning for a lifetime.

We are committed to learning as a lifelong practice. As soon as students enroll, they are supported in their academic, personal, and professional pursuits. And our relationships with students and the opportunities for learning and connecting don’t end at graduation; we maintain connections with our alumni, supporting them as they venture into the world to pursue their dreams. Many students return to STAC for graduate school, and to participate in forums and panels, travel with other alumni, collaborate with professors on research, and even mentor and teach the next generation of Spartans. After all: Once a Spartan, always a Spartan.


Nurturing the Whole Self

Education for the whole self.

We are committed to providing opportunities to develop the whole self because we understand that a meaningful college experience provides more than just intellectual growth. Learning is not limited to the classroom. Opportunities are everywhere to cultivate curiosity and engage in critical and creative self-exploration: from First Year Seminar to the Career Center; from Lougheed Library and Bloomberg Professional Lab to the Spartan Athletic Complex; from the Center for Academic Excellence to the Center for Social Justice; from on-campus jobs to off-campus internships and other experiential learning opportunities; from Sullivan Theatre to the residence halls. Every corner and office of the campus actively leads to self-improvement.

And while we are proud that STAC feels like home to our residential and commuter students alike, we want them to deepen their learning by exploring the vibrant areas close to campus. Thirty minutes north of campus is Harriman State Park; thirty minutes south is New York City. Students can access everything from jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities to museums, galleries, concert venues, restaurants, and parks and recreation sites. We strive to be Spartans on the field, in the classroom, and across our communities.



Our College Mission Statement declares that we are committed to helping our students “create their own path to success and commit themselves to making a profound difference in the world.” We believe that we each have it in us to make small acts that may change the world profoundly – even if it means just changing the world for one person.

We feel that, working together, Spartans in Service can make a difference, even a profound one. Learn more about our Spartans in Service!