Academic Services

This office coordinates the academic support services offered to all undergraduates. These services include the Center for Student Success (Virtual Tutoring Center); Academic Advisement and Exploring A New Major; Academic Recovery Programs for students in academic distress, and the STAC 101 Freshmen Seminar Program. We also administer The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program. Students are identified as part of their college application and is only open to incoming freshmen who meet the requirements Transfer students who have completed a HEOP Summer program at another institution may also be considered.

The Academic Services Office is located in Spellman 106. Students can set an appointment to discuss any of our services or programs by emailing [email protected]. or by setting up a 30 minute Student Success Appointment.


You may request assistance for tutoring by completing a Tutor Request Form.

The Center provides all students with the opportunity to become efficient and effective learners. The CSS offers tutoring, study groups, college skills workshops, supervised study halls. The CSS is virtually open from 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday; Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and we schedule weekend tutoring appointments. There are a number of set appointment times for classes that typically yield a high number of tutor requests. For example, the Writing Program offers set times during the week at night and on weekends. Students must sign up for these sessions but it provides students who are struggling on a Thursday to go right into a tutoring session before the next week begins.

Students who would like to be a tutor for a particular subject may complete the Tutor Application.

STAC 101

This is a course that reviews and enhances orientation, study skills, career and academic planning and the individual interpersonal competence necessary for college success. Guest speakers are invited to most sessions of the STAC 101 class to discuss topical areas important for new college freshmen to understand as they acclimate to college life.

One of the key topics in the STAC 101 currriculum is Social Justice. The college, under the leadership of new president Ken Daly, has been bringing students together for a Social Justice and Equity Forum


The Student Success Office created this weekly virtual meeting to provide students with the opportunity to drop in on a weekly topic or simply drop in to ask a question. Topics will range from "How do I buy my books?", and "How do I register for the next Semester?", to "Who can help me with Financial Aid?", and "How do I get a tutor?". The weekly topics cover a lot of the frequently asked questions we get but students don't have to wait for Fridays. You can Book An Appointement using the link below as well!

Here is a link to the Friday DORISCHAT.
Here is a link to Book An Appointment with the Student Success Staff.

The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

The HEOP Program is an academic support program supported by the College together with a grant provided by the New York State Education Department. Students attend an intensive five-week summer program to improve their basic academic skills prior to beginning their first year of college. The College provides supplementary academic advising, tutoring and study skills workshops and seminars. The HEOP Program graduates a higher than average percentage of its students. This program provides exceptional financial support from the College; New York State; and the federal government. The college is temporarily an SAT Test Optional College. Students do not need to take the SAT or ACT to be considered for acceptance to the college. Since this was a key element of the HEOP acceptance criteria, the acceptance process will be altered until the college determines if it will be SAT optional on a longer term basis. Therefore, students who have a high school GPA below a 2.9 will be considered for the college's HEOP Program. All NYS resident students below a 2.9 will be considered, but only if their FAFSA has been completed and they fall below the NYS Poverty guideline standards. Students can not be considered unless their family income meets those guidelines and the student has been determined by the HEOP staff to be both economically and academically disadvantaged. For more information, contact the HEOP Office by emailing [email protected].