Academic Services

This office coordinates the academic and support services offered to all undergraduates. These services include the Center for Academic Excellence, Academic Recovery and STAC 101. We also provide two academic support programs: The Aquinas Success and the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program. The Dean oversees the Aquinas Leaders Experiential Learning Program as well. Students in that program are identified as part of their college application and it is only open to incoming freshmen who meet the requirements.

The Academic Services Office is located in Spellman 106. Students are encouraged to stop in and set an appointment to discuss their academic plan or available services.

The Center for Academic Excellence

The Center provides all students with the opportunity to become efficient and effective learners. The CAE offers tutoring, study groups, college skills workshops, supervised study halls. The CAE is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. during the academic year.

Welcome/Information Sessions For New Freshmen (late September/early october)

In September and October the Academic Services Office will coordinate special Welcome Sessions for larger programs in order to provide new students with a broader understanding of their chosen major -- or to help them choose a major. These sessions are a MUST for new freshmen and ADVISED for other students seeking clarification on a major or considering another major or minor. These sessions are conducted by faculty and will include some of the following topics:

1. Curriculum Sheet Requirements for the Major

2. Scheduling Sequences (advice on which courses to register for first) and prerequisite requirements.

3. Internship & Career Opportunities

4. Minor Combinations

6. Other Special Announcements.

Welcome Sessions are currently in the planning stages for the following majors. Dates will be announced the first week of classes: 

School of Business Majors

  • Accounting, Management, Sport Management, Hospitality Management


School of Education Majors

  • All Elementary & Adolesence Education options and Educational Studies


School of Arts & Sciences Majors

  • Art Therapy, Biology, Communication Arts, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Exercise Science, Psychology (more to come). 


Freshmen Advising Meetings

All new freshmen and transfer students will have the opportunity to attend one of the Welcome Sessions if it is offered for their major. If not, new students are encouraged to visit with their primary academic advisor early in the new academic year. Many students have a secondary advisor and meet regularly -- students in the HEOP, Honors, Aquinas Leaders, and Pathways programs have regular meetings with their secondary advisor and can decide if an early meeting is needed with their primary advisor.

The advisor/student relationship is an important one to foster. It will help new students transition to college faster by asking questions and finding support for a variety of topics. Once the "Welcome Sessions"  are set up, new students will attend one or more of those sessions and be better prepared for conversations with their primary advisor. All students, freshmen through seniors, need to meet with their primary academic advisor in order to review and receive approval for the classes they intend to register for in the following session. It's all good! 

STAC 101

This is a course that reviews and enhances orientation, study skills, career and academic planning and the individual interpersonal competence necessary for college success. Guest speakers are invited to most sessions of the STAC 101 class to discuss topical areas important for new college freshmen to understand as they acclimate to college life.

The Aquinas Success Program

This program is designed to provide students who might not have typically been accepted because of a low SAT score or low high school GPA, with the opportunity to enroll at the College. Aquinas Success Students demonstrate the potential and motivation for success in college and the Admissions Office has determined that the student is ready to make a stronger committment to academic pursuits.

Students admitted through the Aquinas Success Program are offered additional academic support in order to reach their college graduation goals. The Center for Academic Excellence serves as the tutoring center on campus. Students are encouraged to visit the center early in the semester to discuss the courses they know will challenge them. A tutoring schedule is set up to provide students with a plan for success.

Students also meet with their STAC 101 Instructor on a weekly basis in class and are able to set separate appointments with the Instructor or visit the Academic Services office for additional guidance and support. Students meet with their primary academic advisor early in the semester to discuss their major choice and review the curriculum sheet for the major. 

The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

The HEOP Program is an academic support program supported by the College together with a grant provided by the New York State Education Department. Students attend an intensive five-week summer program to improve their basic academic skills prior to beginning their first year of college. The College provides supplementary academic advising, tutoring and study skills workshops and seminars. The HEOP Program graduates a higher than average percentage of its students. This program provides exceptional financial support from the College; New York State; and the federal government.