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Academic ALERT

The Academic Alert System is intended to provide academic assistance to students in need.  We are encouraging feedback on any student who may be in need of our services. The sooner we are informed, the sooner we can assist in rectifying the issue. 

Very often the best person to provide additional assistance for students is a faculty member.  However, there are occasions when a faculty member may choose to refer a student to Academic Services for advising and/or tutoring.  In these cases, faculty members sometimes ask that we notify them of the help provided to particular students by staff and tutors in the Center for Academic Excellence.  We are happy to do so.

To make an Academic Alert Referral please click here: ACADEMIC ALERT SYSTEM


We are always looking to add qualified tutors to our staff.  If you have a particular student you feel would make an excellent tutor, please fill out this Tutor Referral Form and return via email ([email protected]) or inter-office mail (CAE- Susan Kopac).  Thank you!