Digital Badges


What are they?

Academic Digital Badges are micro-credentials that allow students to demonstrate mastery of specific skills in addition to their majors and minors. Badges are yet another way to differentiate yourself in the eyes of future employers. Note that these are Academic Digital Badges; the Office of Student Development also offers Digital Badges for their "Outside the Classroom Curriculum" for other sets of skills that do not involve taking classes for academic credit.

How are they used?

Academic Digital Badges can be placed on a CV, website, or Linkedin profile.

How can I earn one?

At STAC, Academic Digital Badges are awarded after the completion of a 9 or 12-credit sequence in a specific interdisciplinary area. Currently badges are available in the following areas: Design Thinking, Digital Marketing, Digital Production Skills, Ethical Awareness, Medical Illustration, Social Media Skills, Social Justice, and Entrepreneurship. 

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9 credits


ART 218: Design Foundations

ART 227: Digital Studio

ART 233: Creativity and the Creative Process

Digital Marketing

12 credits


MKTG 102: Principles of Marketing

MKTG 200: Digital Marketing

MKTG 330: E-commerce and Internet Marketing

CA/MKTG 340: Social Media Marketing

Digital Production Skills

9 credits


CA 221: TV Studio Production I

CA 325: TV Studio Production II

CA 330: Event Based Video


9 credits


MGT 210: Entrepreneurship: Managing the Small Business

MKTG 102: Principles of Marketing

BUSA 205: Business Law I

Ethical Awareness

12 credits


PHIL 209: History of Ethics

MGT 317: Business Ethics

RELS 214: Theology and Social Justice

CS 320: Ethics in a Technological Society

Medical Illustration (for Art Majors)

12 credits


BIO 150: Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology 

ART 205: Drawing Skills and Processes

ART 332: Figure Drawing

ART 407: Conceptual Drawing Portfolio



Social Justice

12 credits


RELS 213: Religion, Race, and Social Justice

RELS 214: Theology and Social Justice

RELS 215: Religion and Capitalism

RELS 309: Religion, Gender, and Social Justice

Social Media Skills

12 credits


CA 213: Content Development for Public Relations

CA 340: Social Media Marketing

ART 227: Digital Studio

ART 335: Web Design