Program Checklist

STAGE: The St. Thomas Aquinas Gateway to Excellence
39 Credits

Foundations Courses
(100 level; 15 credits)

Through a series of required foundational courses and competencies, you will begin to develop the fundamental skills of critical thinking.
❑ STAGE 101: First Year Seminar (3 cr)
❑ Writing 101: Academic Writing I (3 cr)
❑ Writing 102: Academic Writing II (3 cr)
❑ Quantitative Literacy (3 cr)
❑ Scientific Reasoning (3 cr)

Breadth and Proficiency Development
(100 and 200 level; 15 credits)

You must take at least one course from each of the four categories, and another from any category.
❑ Global Cultures and Languages (3-6 cr)
❑ Literature and Creative Arts (3-6 cr)
❑ Philosophy and Religious Studies (3-6 cr)
❑ History and Social Sciences (3-6 cr)

(300 level; 9 credits)

You get to choose three courses that have a broad intellectual and cross-disciplinary significance and will introduce you to integrative problem-solving challenges regarding the perennial issues of the day.

You must choose a different discipline/prefix for each course. You must successfully complete all required Foundation courses and three Breadth and Proficiency courses before taking Gateway courses.

Global Learning and Social Responsibility
Courses are based on the principle that the world is a collection of interdependent yet inequitable systems. Higher education has a vital role in expanding knowledge of human and natural systems, ideas such as privilege and class stratification, and environmental sustainability. These courses will foster your ability to advance equity, justice, and cultural diversity at home and abroad.