Doris Osei, Mikeala Fils-Aime

Implementing A/B Design Testing for an Entrepreneurial Startup

Presented by: Doris Osei,  Mikeala Fils-Aime
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Deirdre-Noel Engels, Associate Professor of Marketing

The purpose of this research project is to employ the principles of digital marketing conversion-centric design in a real-world setting. We will create two versions of a graphic design and background to be used for an apparel startup, and A/B test the design options in order to determine which version generates the greatest lift in click-through rates and engagement. Design version (A) is focused on chapter one of the bible, the Creation. Design version (B)  is focused on the Garden of Eden. We will have two mock-ups ready for prospective customers to survey and give their opinion on the design.  In order to complete this research we will also design and build a website for a startup apparel business named Dashion. Founded by STAC student Doris Osei as a way to express her creative side, Dashion is a christian based clothing line that looks to preach the gospel through abstract designs on t-shirts and casual apparel.