Gianna Fasano

Women’s Shoe Print Database: A Piece of the Puzzle in Crime Scene Investigation

Presented by: Gianna Fasano
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Clara Toth,  Professor of Biology

When a shoe print is found at a crime scene it can be collected and compared to known prints placed into a database. This is helpful to the police being able to figure out the style and brand of the shoe worn by the suspect, which can then be used to link a potential suspect to the crime. Therefore, it would be beneficial to create a women’s shoe print pattern database since a database of just women’s shoe print patterns has not been created yet in order to help law enforcement.

This database consists of different styles of women’s athletic shoes from the following brands: Skechers, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. In the future, more shoe print patterns can be added to enlarge the database.


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