IGNITE 2020 Projects

IGNITE 5th Annual Art, Design & Scholarship Exhibition Poster

Ignite is a celebration of our undergraduate students, their research, and their creativity from multiple disciplines across campus. The scope of the presentations featured showcase the outstanding caliber of our undergraduate students at St. Thomas Aquinas College.

The 5th Annual Ignite Exhbition in 2020 was a virtual event
please view our students’ projects below:

The STAC New Hope Movement: Fair Trade is an Essential Way of Life
Presented by: Nicholas Fiore, Gary Peters, Desiree Bermudez, Erica Smith, Emily Hayden and Hiwot Tadesse

Adjusting the Phillips Curve for the Productivity Wage Gap
Presented by: Isabella Diaz and Niamh McKevitt

Implementing A/B Design Testing for an Entrepreneurial Startup
Presented by: Doris Osei and Mikeala Fils-Aime

Developing a Growth Strategy for Coinsource: A Reflection of the 2020 IACBE Student Case Study Competition
Presented by: Isabella Diaz, Tara Fears, Taylor Hickey and Taylor Trinidad (IACBE Team)

The College Fed Challenge
Presented by: Isabella Diaz, Gary Peters, Paul Voigt, Luke Taplin, Anna Ristova, Hiywot Tadesse and Niamh McKevitt

A Sound Piece on Trash
Presented by: Jeanette Dick

Design Portfolios — Visual Communications Capstone Project
Presented by: Jeanique Montinat, John Sullivan, Cassandra Rohr, Aida Torpey and Ariel Cangialosi

Survey Says: Some People are More Likely to Respond than Others!
Presented by: Melissa Etter

The Price of Being Connected: App Usage Effects on Mental Health of 18- to 25-Year-Olds
Presented by: Isabella Szklany

The Effects of Vitamin A on Tumor Formation in Plants
Presented by: Natalia Swiecki

Utilizing Duckweed to Limit Algal Blooms in Eutrophic Water
Presented by: Elizabeth Collins

Using the Therapeutic Thematic Arts Programming Method to Enhance Socialization and Mood in Those Diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease
Presented by: Christine Winter, Alanna Barnes, Amy Mauro, Lauren Desimone, Ariel Salmon, Amanda Kythreotis

The Duality of Clare Kendry: Structuralist and Feminist Implications of Nella Larson’s Passing
Presented by: Kiera Egan

Women’s Shoe Print Database: A Piece of the Puzzle in Crime Scene Investigation
Presented by: Gianna Fasano

An Analysis of Death Row Last Meals and Their Impact on Our Perception of the Death Penalty
Presented by: Andrew Dacuba