Isabella Szklany

The Price of Being Connected: App Usage Effects on Mental Health of 18-to-25 Year Olds

Presented by: Isabella Szklany
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ben Wagner, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Smartphones in the past decade have become a staple in daily life. Although the full effects of these devices are still unknown, psychology and mass media research have shown a correlation between smartphone use and mental health among 18-to-25-year olds. Twenge (2019) showed that adolescents and young adults who reported using digital media more often also were more stressed, lonely and exhibited more depressive symptoms, than those with limited media use. The research demonstrates a positive correlation between time spent on smartphones and mental illness. With current research still examining the connection between the two, I propose a study examining different apps’ effects on the mental health of St. Thomas Aquinas College Students. During the study, students will use either social networking apps, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, or other, non-social apps. After a small duration of time, students will self-report their overall feelings and moods. These results will hopefully help us understand the relationship between smartphone use and mental illness in college-aged students.


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