Institutional Review Board

Guided by the College’s Mission, the St. Thomas Aquinas College (STAC) Institutional Review Board (IRB) is established to reasonably ensure that, in research conducted under its auspices, the rights and welfare of human subjects are adequately protected. The IRB assumes this responsibility by ensuring any research involving human subjects, either on STAC’s premises or conducted by or with STAC faculty, students, or employees, comply with institutional commitments and regulations and applicable laws, as well as adhere to professional standards of research conduct, practice, and ethics. Read more about these policies and practices here

During review, the IRB will:

  • Require all principal investigators or faculty sponsors to be educated regarding regulatory and ethical guidelines concerning research involving human subjects;
  • Approve, modify, or decline such research according to stated criteria;
  • Have the right to request information regarding approved research to ensure that human subject protections remain in place throughout the course of the research; and
  • Ensure that all research recognizes the dignity of each individual.


Download the Application Form or answer the following questions to see if your research requires review by the Institutional Review Board: