COVID-19 Grading Policy for Spring 2020

May 1, 2020


Please review the COVID-19 Grading Policy and Frequently Asked Questions.

Once you decide which Spring grades to convert, you must submit them to the Registrar on the GRADE CONVERSION FORM -- you must use this form to tell the Registrar which grades to convert.   

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Effective March 30, 2020
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We have instituted a new course grade policy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For two weeks, we have seen the effects of COVID-19 on higher education; in short, it has fundamentally changed the nature of the process. The conversion of all classes from in-person to online has been difficult for many, many students. We know that, in addition to adapting to these new classes, many of you are struggling with a variety of difficult situations, from changes in employment to living in houses or apartments that are now filled with other family members, sometimes sharing one computer.

Therefore, like many colleges and universities across the country, we have created an alternate grade system called the Grade Conversion Plan for this semester that acknowledges that these circumstances may be preventing you from doing your best work.  

Here are the basic elements:

  1. Starting on May 7, you can review your Spring 2020 grades on Banner Self Service and between May 7 and May 15 you will be able to have the Registrar convert any grade from A through D to a grade of Pass (P).
  2. In addition, we are replacing the F with a grade of No Credit (NC). We did not think it fair to give students a punitive failing grade this semester unless they simply stopped attending classes. A grade of NC is not eligible for conversion, but will not be calculated into the GPA.
  3. When you convert a grade to a P grade you will earn credit for the course without having it calculated into your GPA. (In other words, low grades will not lower your GPA.)
  4. By late April, the Registrar's office will post on their webpage a way you can inform us which grades to convert. You can make this request between May 7 and May 15.
  5. You can convert a D grade to a P, but this may have implications for certain course prerequisites and other certification needs. We will handle those on a case by case basis with input from your faculty member and the Dean.
  6. All exceptions (such as missing the May 15 deadline) will be handled on a case by case basis.
  7. You may request a letter from the Registrar and/or a faculty member in the event you need evidence of a traditional, passing letter grade for graduate school or another post-baccalaureate requirement.
  8. The FX grade will (as usual) be used to grade students who attended classes or participated in online classes for a period of time then stopped without notifying the College by properly withdrawing from the course.  

View the  COVID-19 Grading Policy for Spring 2020