Planning Your Schedule

You must complete the following before registering:

Plan Your Course Schedule

Login to Banner Self Service for Students and click on 'Student Services'...'Registration'...'Look Up Classes to Add'.  Select the term and click on 'Advanced Search' under the list of subjects. This will take you to the class search screen.  Be sure to select 'Sparkill' and 'Online Education' from the Campus option.  Plan your class schedule and be sure to pick at least 3 alternate classes. Have you considered a minor

Meet With Your Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor is listed on Banner Self Service. (It is located under Student Records, click on the View Student Information link.) Click here for Advisor Office Hours.

Please note, the schedule your academic advisor approves for you will keep you on track towards meeting your degree requirements.  A failure to register for your approved courses may result in:

  • Delayed Graduation
  • Additional Expenses 
  • Other Consequences

Please prepare for your meeting with your academic advisor.  Prepare a schedule with several alternate courses. Only your assigned Academic Advisor can provide you with your required Registration Access Code.

What is a Registration Access Code?

This code gives you access to the registration screens on Banner Self Service for Students. The code is only available through your assigned Academic Advisor. This code changes for each semester and it is YOUR individual registration code.

Are You Taking 18 Credits?

If you plan to register for 18 credits, please come to the Registrar's Office for approval.  This must be done prior to your registration date so Banner can be adjusted to accept the additional course.  A GPA of 3.2 or better is needed to take 6 courses.  

Is Your Business Office Account Up To Date?

Check Banner Self Service to be sure no holds exist on your Account.


Please check your 'holds' on  Banner Self Service.  You must see the message below under Registration Status:

Success IconYou have no Holds which prevent registration

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