The Mission Statement of the School of Arts & Sciences

The Mission of St. Thomas Aquinas College is embodied in its motto: “to enlighten the mind through truth.” This objective is enacted in the mission of the School of Arts and Sciences: to offer students an education — at all levels — in the liberal arts and sciences to increase their awareness of the complex scientific, cultural, political, and philosophical richness of the world.  We have two primary goals: to produce intelligent and curious citizens who will be engaged in a range of diverse communities and to prepare students to excel in their chosen fields.

The disciplines within the School of Arts and Sciences are connected by a shared commitment to uncover and explain the inherent complexities within what seem like simple facts and obvious claims about the world. We believe that this activity, commonly known as critical thinking, is essential to student success in all areas of life.

Thus the mission of the School of Arts and Sciences is to prepare our students to succeed by unlocking their academic and creative potential through a comprehensive education in disciplines that are at the very core of understanding the human experience and are fundamental to achievement in all fields.