Combined Degree Programs

Exciting opportunities to get a head start on your MPA-CJ with our combined degree programs.


Undergraduates with a variety of majors can begin taking MPA-CJ classes while still enrolled as a senior or an advanced junior, and earn credit towards both undergraduate and graduate degrees while paying their regular undergraduate tuition. A total of 12 credits can be taken while still an undergraduate, meaning a senior can graduate with a B.S. in May of one year, and graduate with their MPA-CJ the following May. For more information, please contact the MPA-CJ Program Director, Dr. Ellen Chauet, [email protected] to plan your program.

St. Thomas Aquinas College MPA-Criminal Justice RCC Transfer Program for Combined Degree "2+2+1"

We are excited to announce a new 2+2+1 Combined Degree (five-year) MPA-Criminal Justice Program for RCC transfer students who major in criminal justice. You can earn your bachelor's and master's degrees within 3 years of transferring to STAC! The transfer pathway involves

  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice (RCC) (2 years) (Required for acceptance)
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (STAC) (2 years)
  • Master of Public Administration-Criminal Justice (STAC) (1 year)
  • Degrees Awarded from STAC: Bachelor's degree (B.S.) and Masters of Public Administration in Criminal Justice (MPA-CJ)

This accelerated, combined degree program at St. Thomas Aquinas College is designed to allow RCC students to obtain a Master’s in Public Administration-Criminal Justice in as little as 3 years after transferring to STAC. In addition to tuition incentives, students will be able to enter the workforce sooner through an accelerated program. The MPA-CJ program prepares students for a variety of professional careers, including those found in government, public service, and the non-profit sector both in criminal justice agencies and more broadly.

Highlights of the 2+2+1 Combined Degree Program

  • Students must graduate with an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice from Rockland Community College (RCC) with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to be eligible.
  • Students who meet these requirements will be guaranteed acceptance to St. Thomas Aquinas College, will meet with and be advised by the MPA-CJ Program Director, and will transfer with junior standing.
  • RCC graduates will qualify for a 2+2+1 Transfer Student Scholarship for full-time study leading toward the MPA-CJ. 
  • All transfer credits will be applied toward the completion of the articulated Bachelor of Science degree program in Criminal Justice. 
  • Students must register at the receiving institution as full-time, matriculated students
  • Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress towards the degree, a cumulative GPA of 3.0, and a full-time matriculated status. (See graduate catalog for a description of academic progress.)

For more information, contact the MPA-CJ Program Director, Dr. Ellen Chayet, [email protected] to plan your program.