Course Offerings

The MPA-CJ is a combined degree with the MBA program in the School of Business. The 36-credit degree is divided between these schools and allows maximum flexibility for when students enroll for these classes. The program culminates in an independent project, the Capstone, which will be supervised by program faculty.

Students will take 9 required classes (27 credits), culminating in 2 classes for their Capstone Project: a Seminar (GCJ1520) and a supervised Capstone Thesis Independent Study (GCJ1550). They also can select 3 electives (9 credits) from a diverse array of classes. These selections will be made on the basis of student interest.


Required courses (3 credits each):

  • GCJ 1101 Financial Accounting 
  • GCJ  1102 Managerial Economics 
  • GCJ  1104 Management Information Systems 
  • GCJ  1107 Management Theory and Practice
  • GCJ  1209 Administrative Law 
  • GCJ 1213 Statistics for Decision Makers
  • GCJ 1220 Public and Non-Profit Administration and Budgeting 
  • GCJ 1420 Evaluation and Evidence-Based Research (prerequisite: Statistics for Decision Makers) 
  • GCJ 1520 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Administration (capstone) 
  • GCJ 1550 Masters Thesis 

Two business electives selected from the following (3 credits each):

  • GCJ 1103 Marketing Concepts/Strategies 
  • GCJ 1105 Managerial Finance 
  • GCJ  1501 Business Communications 
  • GCJ  1301 Organizational Behavior 
  • GCJ  1305 Human Resources Management 
  • GCJ  1307 Managing Changes and Conflicts 

One elective from the following (3 credits each):

  • GCJ 1430 Criminal Justice Policy, Planning, and Analysis 
  • Other electives to be announced


  • Students will become familiar with, and be able to apply, key concepts and skills in public administration, to include: budgeting, statistics, evaluation research, policy development and analysis, and administrative law, among others.
  • Students will demonstrate critical analysis skills in each course.
  • Students will demonstrate research, analytic, writing, and oral communication skills throughout the program.
  • Students will demonstrate mastery of skills by integrating them into a final, independent thesis research project.


Requests for transfer of credit must be accompanied by a catalog course description and be submitted during the first quarter of study. A maximum of 6 semester hours that meet degree requirements may be transferred into the MPA program. Decisions regarding waivers and transfer credits are based on the following: credit comparability to the College course, the grade received (B or better), semester lengths, and number of credits. Course work must have been completed within the last seven years.