The purpose of the Biology and Biotechnology minors offered at St. Thomas Aquinas College is to encourage students majoring in other disciplines to pursue their interests in science, and to enhance their career potential.


Students wishing to complete a Biology minor must take the following courses. Course requirements vary based on major academic program:

Required Courses (8 credits)
BIO 171-173 General Biology I and General Biology I Laboratory (4 cr.)
BIO 172-174 General Biology II and General Biology II Laboratory (4cr.)

and one course selected from:
BIO 317 Ecology (4 cr.)
BIO 350 Genetics (4 cr.)

and choose two from the following (6-8 credits):
BIO 251 Anatomy & Physiology I (4 cr.)
BIO 252 Anatomy & Physiology II (4 cr.)
BIO 307 Microbiology (4 cr.)
BIO 309 Biophysics (3 cr.)
BIO 311 Parasitology (3 cr.)
BIO 317 Ecology (4 cr.)
BIO 320 Neurobiology (3 cr.)
BIO 325 Bioinformatics (3 cr.)
BIO 404 Cell & Molecular Biology (4 cr.)


Students wishing to complete a Biotechnology minor must take the following courses:

Required Courses (19 credits)
BIO 325 Bioinformatics (3 cr.)
BIO/CHEM 403 Biochemistry I (4 cr.)
CHEM 301 Quantitative Chemical Analysis (4 cr.)
FS/BIO 405 Forensic Biology (4 cr.)
FS/BIO 407 Instrumental Analysis/Microscopy (4 cr.)