Jeff Garcia, 2018

MAJOR: Communication Arts
HOMETOWN: Tuxedo Park, NY

“I will continue to live the STAC life." 

Jeff Garcia (’18) finds himself in a unique situation:  in May, when he walks in Commencement at STAC, he will do so as a fully employed graduate. Unique, perhaps, but not uncommon, as STAC is a school filled with professors who are ever mindful of what serves their students best both in terms of education and bottom line.

“Walking at Commencement with a job already in hand is surreal” says Jeff, who now holds the title Master Control for Spectrum NY 1. It’s a position that emerged from an internship he obtained through a friend, but he was able to turn it into the start of his professional career due to his Communication Arts major and the environment on campus “of networking and connections.”

Jeff transferred to STAC at the beginning of his junior year. Normally it would have taken Jeff four semesters to complete his degree in Communication Arts because he needed to take a senior seminar that is only offered in the fall. Realizing that this was the only class preventing Jeff from graduating early, Dr. Durney arranged for an Independent Study, thereby allowing Jeff both to experience the course and to begin his career—his passion—six months early. Of course, it is that one-on-one personal interaction that prompted Jeff to transfer to STAC in the first place. “If I needed something they would go the extra mile to help me out. My professors guided me to success and opened doors for me.”

Jeff knows he is leaving STAC early but nevertheless prepared for his career and beyond. “Each course is designed for information you will use for the rest of your life. STAC really helped me mature as a person. I was blessed to have professors who were willing to help me out if I had any questions.”

And Commencement won’t be the last time Jeff is on campus, either. Both of Jeff’s mentors, Dr. Durney and Prof. Winship, have invited Jeff to return and speak. This invitation is “an honor” says Jeff. “For me to help them is my thank you for all they’ve done for me. They are amazing and I am grateful.”