Creative Writing

Minors and Related Programs

Creative Writing majors at St. Thomas Aquinas College have combined their degree with a variety of majors and minors to create dynamic and flexible programs of study. Here are just a few of the other majors and minors our students have pursued:

  • Communication Arts
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Psychology


One of the more popular major/minor combinations is Creative Writing paired with Psychology. Below is the curriculum sheet for this particular major/minor path:

Four Year Map -- Creative Writing and Psychology Double Major

C = Core, CW = Creative Writing, P = Psychology

Fall Freshman Year

C English 101

C Philosophy

C Math

C CA 101

P Psych 103, Intro

Spring Freshman Year

C English 102

C Religious Studies

C Science

C Fine Arts, Music, Film, or Theater

P Psych 150, Reading/Writing in Psych

Fall Sophomore Year

CW English 209: Creative Writing

C English 2__: Intermediate Comp/Lit

C Foreign Language

C American History or Political Science

P Upper-level elective (200/300-level)

Spring Sophomore Year

CW English 208: The Craft of Writing

CW English [_]: Creative Writing Elective

C Foreign Language

C European or Non Western History

P Upper-level elective (200/300-level)

Fall Junior Year

CW English 309: Advanced Creative Non-Fiction

CW English 303, 304, or 305: Drama

CW English 3__: Lit Elective

P Psych 310, Statistics

P Upper-level elective (200/300-level)

Spring Junior Year

CW English 311: Advanced Poetry Workshop

CW English 313, 320, 401, or 402: Poetry

P Psych 409, Experimental

P Upper-level elective (300/400-level)

P Upper-level elective (300/400-level)

Fall Senior Year

CW English 312: Advanced Fiction Workshop

CW English 318, 300, 381, or 382: Fiction

P Psych 410, Practicum (if interested in practicum; otherwise, upper-level elective, 300/400-level)

P Upper-level elective (300/400-level)


Spring Senior Year

CW English 411: Directed Thesis Workshop

CW English 327, 346, or 351: Gender and multi-cultural studies

P Upper-level elective (300/400-level)

P Upper-level elective (300/400-level)