Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice professor teaching in class in front of 6 students

The criminal justice field goes far beyond law enforcement. It combines law, sociology, political science, history, psychology, economics, geography, political science, philosophy, and the natural sciences. Its interdisciplinary nature allows practitioners to find solutions to contemporary problems and complex global issues.


When you graduate from STAC’s criminal justice program, you’ll understand the relationships between society, crime, and criminal behavior, as well as the workings of the criminal justice system. And you’ll be able to apply your knowledge and skills to modern problems, practices, and policies. Just as importantly, you’ll develop an ethical commitment to social justice, become an informed citizen, and help protect and ensure a democracy concerned with fair and respectful treatment of all citizens. 


STAC’s Criminal Justice Advisory Board works hand in hand with our Criminal Justice Department and mentors our criminal justice majors. As a criminal justice student at STAC, you’ll have direct access to top professionals in the field, including FBI special agents, county prosecutors, district attorneys, and correctional facility superintendents.

STAC FUTURES: Criminal Justice


Attorney/Border Patrol Agent/Corrections Officer/Customs Agent/Law Enforcement Officer/Parole Officer/Substance Abuse Counselor

Check out the video of the Criminal Justice Advisory Board's Panel, "Cell Phone to Cell Block: Solving the Murder of Peggy Nadell."
Students learned about a fascinating local murder case that was successfully investigated despite the absence of traditional forensic evidence.